Are Thomas and Noemi Together in 1883?

1883‘ is as much a story of hope as it is of survival. It follows a group of travelers on a journey across the Great Plains in hopes of finding a better life in the North. However, they must first survive the various challenges they face on the road. Thomas and Noemi become acquainted during this journey, and a bond begins to form between the two. If you are wondering whether the two become romantically involved in the series, here’s everything you need to know about the status quo of Thomas and Noemi in ‘1883.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

What Happens Between Thomas and Noemi?

Thomas is a Pinkerton Agent and alley of Shea Brennan. The duo is guiding a group of immigrants towards Oregon. In the third episode, titled ‘River,’ Thomas and Shea meet Noemi, a Romanian gypsy woman who has recently lost her husband. Without her husband to protect her and her children, Noemi has little hope of surviving the arduous journey. Moreover, she does not have the necessary skills to survive on the road.

Noemi tries to please Shea and asks him to take her as his wife. However, Shea coldly turns her down, but he promises to help the young widow and her children travel safely. Thomas then comes forward and introduces himself to Noemi. He praises Noemi and gives her some hope while teaching her a few essential skills for the road. Thomas also helps Shea get Noemi’s supplies back from the men who stole from the widow.

Are Thomas and Noemi Together?

In the fourth episode, titled ‘The Crossing,’ Thomas keeps a watch on the camp at night. While he passes the time, Noemi brings the former soldier some hot food. Thomas reluctantly accepts the food and has a conversation with Noemi. The woman thanks Thomas for looking out for her and tries to connect with Thomas. Thomas warns her that a black man cannot solve her problems, and she definitely does not need more troubles in life. Moreover, Thomas insists that he is not an ideal partner for any woman as he is old and set in his ways.

However, Noemi turns Thomas’ attention away from his lamentation and lightens his mood with a pleasant conversation. Thomas’ words might indicate that he is not interested in Noemi, but his eyes say otherwise. The conversation ends with Thomas being impressed with Noemi’s charming words and personality. The next we see the duo, Thomas is helping Noemi drive her wagon across the river. Although this does not necessarily mean that Thomas and Noemi are a couple, the scene indicates the possibility is strong.

Presently, Thomas’ life revolves around Shea. However, Shea intends to make the journey to Oregon the last deed of his life. Therefore, Thomas could seek a new purpose in life. Settling down with Noemi and forming a family could give Thomas a reason to move forward in life. On the other hand, Noemi is looking for a partner to rebuild her life with, and Thomas has all the qualities she seeks in a man. Therefore, we will likely see Thomas and Noemi becoming a couple in the coming episodes. That is unless tragedy does not strike first.

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