Tyler and Alyssa: Is The Challenge Couple Still Together or Not?

For people who love drama, suspense, and romance, reality TV shows offer the perfect dose of entertainment, leaving them on the edge of their seats. It’s not just the backdrop of competitions, picturesque locations, and the thrill but also the personal relationships between contestants that make them worth the watch. Tyler and Alessa from ‘The Challenge: USA’ have made headlines as both of them found themselves under the spotlight after they made out on the show, which is a spin-off of the hit show, ‘The Challenge.’ Did that kiss lead to a romantic relationship? Is the couple still together? We were wondering the same, and so we dug around.

Tyler and Alyssa’s The Challenge Journey

Tyler Crispen and Alyssa Snider’s reality TV journey began long before they were chosen to be participants in ‘The Challenge: USA’. Tyler made his mark in 2018 on season 20 of ‘Big Brother,’ while Alyssa entered the scene in season 24 of the show in 2022. Both of them had unique personalities and experiences, which they brought into their respective seasons, but it wasn’t until ‘The Challenge: USA’ that their paths crossed. Since the show thrives on competition, alliances, and even romance, the two found themselves having a budding connection. With each episode, the audience saw as they navigated the complexities of the game and their feelings for each other.

It all started when Challenge veterans Wes Bergmann and Johnny “Bananas” Devenanio played wingmen and decided to bring a little romance to the show through Tyler and Alyssa, who were seemingly caught in an extended “courting phase”. They summoned both of them to the table and made a proposition, “We have control of the way the house votes are gonna go. Let’s just get down to it,” Johnny said. “You wanna keep this guy around for a little bit? There’s one way to save him — and that is by just dirty macking,” he added.

At first, the 25-year-old Instagram model and influencer found the whole situation to be amusing, referring to Wes and Bananas as her “drunk uncles”, but she decided to play along. “Tyler’s such a sweetie, so gonna let them think they’re really playing their cards on this one. This one just worked out for me,” she said in a confessional. The matchmaking duo then made their moves on Tyler, filled him in on their plan, and assured him that Alyssa was willing to do it. After confirming her feelings on the same, the two kissed, which ended with Tyler smiling and saying, “I feel saved.”

This wasn’t the actual end, though, as both of them continued their makeout session back at the Challenge house. In a confessional, Alyssa acknowledged that they had a mutual understanding that the game took precedence over their feelings. However, she also mentioned, “But you can’t deny the connection that Tyler and I have.” “He is so cute. I think being in this environment is like a pressure cooker of emotions, so I guess we’ll see what happens,” she added.

Tyler and Alyssa’s Relationship Status is a Mystery

Whether or not Tyler and Alyssa are together after the show remains unclear. Neither of them has made any official comments, and so far, everything is speculative. What we do know for sure is that both of them follow each other on social media and often comment on each other’s posts. Interestingly, Alyssa added fuel to the fire after she left a comment on Tyler’s photo on Instagram, which read, “Lookin good ngl”. Tyler hasn’t been shy from posting on Alyssa’s photos either and has made comments like “Oh she’s about to cook”. If nothing else, it’s clear that the two of them are on good terms and support each other.

The two are not strangers to public relationships and know how to navigate them. Tyler, during his time on ‘Big Brother’ formed a romantic connection with fellow contestant Angela Rummans. Even though the relationship continued outside the house and led to an engagement announcement in January 2021, the couple didn’t make it to the altar. However, they still own their ocean-inspired, hand-crafted jewelry line called ‘Naut & Chain’. Tyler addressed the split in an episode of ‘The Challenge: USA,’ saying, “We were engaged, we were together for four years and then drifted apart. But it’s all good, it’s all good. It happens, that’s life.”

Alyssa also had her share of showmances with Kyle Capener in ‘Big Brother’ in 2022, but the two parted ways in January. They had a tumultuous relationship, specifically when Capener made racial comments suggesting that all the white contestants should stick together in the house, which eventually led to him getting voted out. However, both Tyler and Alyssa feel grateful for their relationship and the fact that they were able to have that connection in that environment. Regarding their current relationship status, we can’t say for sure if they are together or not, but we do wish them all the luck in the future for their professional and personal endeavors.

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