Victoria and Johnny: Is the Bachelor In Paradise Duo Still Dating?

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A spin-off of the well-known shows ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘The Bachelorette,’ ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ has been a part of the Bachelor Nation universe since 2014. The ABC reality TV series features former participants from both the original shows, where an uneven balance of women and men compete and seek their true love, while they are secluded at a lovely beach resort. The series fascinates viewers with its abundance of drama, love triangles, clashes, and even true relationships.

Such dating shows cause a fair bit of drama, leading to miscommunications and arguments, especially among couples. Several couples go through drama and interactions with other contestants during the season to identify their strongest bonds. Victoria Fuller and Johnny DePhillipo from season 1 had a similar journey, and fans have remained quite invested in it from the start. Thus, they must now be curious to know if they are still together.

Victoria and Johnny’s Bachelor in Paradise Journey

Victoria and Johnny began their journeys at separate times as Johnny was the first to arrive and connect with someone else. Victoria was a contestant in Peter Weber’s ‘The Bachelor’ season 24, and Johnny from Gabby Windey & Rachel Recchia’s ‘The Bachelorette’ season 19. Where Johnny was, on one hand, trying his connection with Hunter Haag, Victoria then arrived in week 2 and immediately called out to Johnny for a one-on-one talk. They did have a good date, but Victoria then also went out with Justin to try and explore her options.

Although Justin and Victoria seemed like they were going for a real connection, the former chose Genevieve in the first Rose Ceremony. And when Victoria felt Justin might do that, she thought about making her place elsewhere and went to Johnny. The duo, in no time, began flirting and cozying up with each other and then making out, thus beginning their relationship and ending the episode with Johnny giving his rose to Victoria. Things were, however, not always very smooth for the attractive couple, just like others in Bachelor Paradise.

In the Casa Amor week, when the women were separated from the men to test the loyalties of the existing couples, both parties saw the introduction of new men and women. While Johnny refrained from exploring with anyone new and patiently waited for Victoria, the latter, however, did try her chances with the new entry, Alex Bordyukov. This was a potential threat to their relationship until Victoria chose Johnny in the Rose Ceremony. Since then, the couple had reportedly stuck with each other to the very end of the show. Thus, let’s find out if the couple is still together or has, with time, moved on to separate ways.

Victoria and Johnny Are Not Together Anymore

No, sadly, Victoria and Johnny are no longer together. The two seemed to be going great in the remaining weeks and, according to reports, they even got engaged by the end of the season. This news was majorly spilled by Victoria in August when she accidentally shared an Instagram story (now deleted) with her friends Natalie Joy and her boyfriend, Nick Viall. While it wasn’t very obvious, the eagle-eyed fans still noticed Johnny hanging around in the background.

However, they could not make it last long outside the world of Bachelor Paradise because Reality Steve reports that the two split after a month of that story being shared. Neither Johnny nor Victoria can confirm any of the reports as of now, and they also do not follow each other on social media. This brings out more speculations about their connection. Then, reports came out about Victoria’s current dating a new guy, Katie Thurston‘s ‘The Bachelorette’ contestant, Greg Grippo. This was mainly speculated after a fan sent some footage from Italy, where the two seem to be going about town together.

Things got further complicated in the reunion episode of ‘Bachelor in Paradies,’ where the realtor reportedly revealed that “he and Victoria were in couples counseling for 3 weeks after filming,” after which Victoria claimed hurtful behavior on Johnny’s part. The former medical sales rep claimed that he used cuss words against her and “told her she didn’t cook or clean so what good was she as a woman.” Thus, there seems to be a lot of drama between the couple, which gets further accentuated after Victoria is accused of cheating on Greg.

As of writing, the relationship status of both reality stars remains complicated as none of them has given any updates or confirmed the rumors on their part. However, it can be said that Victoria and Johnny are no longer together, and we thus wish them success and happiness in their futures ahead.

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