Artemis Fowl (2020): Everything We Know

Would you be interested in watching a movie which is basically “Die Hard with fairies?” What if the protagonist is a 12-year-old millionaire, criminal mastermind and genius? What if we told you that Judi Dench was in it? And finally, what if we told you that is based on a series of bestselling novels that have the potential of becoming a new movie franchise? Well, that is what the upcoming ‘Artemis Fowl’ boasts of.

The movie is the long-awaited cinematic adaptation of Eoin Colfer’s novel of the same name. The book is the first installment of a best-selling series that you must have heard about. It has spurred a large number of devoted fans and with the movie, that number will only increase. In fact, it is one of those novels that you will definitely see in a bookstore in the young adults’ section. Hence, it is obvious that Walt Disney Studios, the production company attached to the project has a lot riding on it with some exceptional expectations. And the thing is…the film has an actual shot at meeting, or even surpassing all those expectations.

Artemis Fowl Plot: What is it about?

As mentioned earlier, the movie is an adaptation of Eoin Colfer’s young adult fantasy novel of the same name. It follows the titular protagonist’s adventures after he comes into contact with fairies.

Artemis Fowl II is no ordinary twelve-year-old boy. Orphaned, he leads his family criminal empire and has dedicated his life to it. Apart from being criminal, he is also a genius and a millionaire living in a large mansion. After significant research, Fowl starts to believe that fairies actually exist and finds out about an alcoholic posing as a healer in Ho Chi Minh City. Along with his butler, he travels there and kidnaps her. He wishes to release the fairy for a large ransom of gold. However, he is not aware that the magical creature belongs to a dangerous organisation. As Fowl also tries to find his mysteriously disappeared father, the plot takes several unexpected twists and turns.

Artemis Fowl Cast: Who is in it?

The titular character of the movie is played by the child actor Ferdia Shaw. The Irish actor was selected from over 1200 candidates. Shaw is no smarter than the character of the mastermind that he plays. He is a member of the Young Irish Film Makers and has even made his own short movies.

Apart from Shaw, child actress, Lara McDonnell will also star in ‘Artemis Fowl.’ She essays the character of Captain Holly Short, the fairy that Fowl kidnaps. McDonnell has most notably played Matilda in a stage musical adaptation of the story.

Moreover, the Nigerian actor, Nonso Anozie will play the role of Artemis Fowl’s trusted bodyguard. He is best known for playing Xaro Xhoan Daxos in ‘Game of Thrones’ and Sergeant Dap in ‘Ender’s Game.’

However, it is the veteran British actress, Judi Dench who will be the most prominent member of the movie’s cast. Most of us know her as M from the ‘James Bond’ movies but she has had a vivid and long career with multiple exceptional performances. For ‘Artemis Fowl’ she will be seen playing a role similar to that of M. The character she portrays is Commander Root of the fictional LEPrecon Unit.

Other cast members include Josh Gad, Hong Chau, Miranda Raison, Nikesh Patel and Joshua McGuire.

Artemis Fowl Crew: Who is Behind it?

The movie is directed by the Northern Irish actor and filmmaker, Kenneth Branagh. He is a prolific artist who has acted in and directed various notable movies. For instance, the movie ‘Henry V,’ Branagh was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Director and Best Actor. More recently, he directed ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ and even starred in as Hercule Poirot.

Moreover, the Irish playwright and screenwriter, Conor McPherson has written the movie’s screenplay. The music is composed by Patrick Doyle who is worked with Branagh on multiple occasions while Hans Zambarloukos has handled the film’s cinematography. Martin Walsh has edited the movie.

Walt Disney Pictures and TriBeCa Productions are the production companies attached to ‘Artemis Fowl’ while Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures is distributing it.

Artemis Fowl Release Date: When Does it Premiere?

The movie is scheduled to release on May 29, 2020 in 2D, 3D, IMAX and probably a 4DX format as well. If the movie is even half as gripping as Colfer’s novels, we are in for a treat and a major pop culture disruption. So…get ready for another burgeoning (and probably annoying) fan base that will treat you like a heretic if you haven’t watched the movie.

Artemis Fowl Trailer:

You can watch the teaser trailer for ‘Artemis Fowl’ below. It teases an epic, fantastical hidden word as Judi Dench powerfully narrates a warning. Get ready to be blown away and sucked into another magical world that awaits your attention.

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