Bachelor in Paradise Season 1: Where Are The Couples Now?

Exploring another chance at love, ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ follows the journey of men and women who traverse uncharted territory in a tropical paradise amidst other singles. The reality television show features individuals from the previous editions of ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘The Bachelorette.’ The series alumni gather to find a chance at true love once again. The first instalment chronicles the heartfelt journey of several couples. Years since the season first came to air, fans have continued to wonder the whereabouts of the contestants.

Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul Are No Longer Together

The golden couple, who remained steadfast in their resolve to work things out, walked out from the show hand in hand. After getting engaged in season 1, the duo returned to the premiere of season 2 and even had a televised wedding. Alas, their domestic bliss didn’t last long. Just months after their appearance on the show, Marcus and Lacy ended up separating. In an interview with Life & Style, Marcus explained that their marriage wasn’t legal. He confirmed that they were supposed to start the paperwork once they returned from the show, but Lacy stalled. Eventually, she cut off communication with Marcus and ended up ghosting him.

Since then, Lacy has remained out of the public eye. She is now a mother and likes to keep her life under wraps. Besides this, the television personality has found a career in elderly care. Lacy is the owner of a facility centre for the elderly. Marcus also found happiness and walked the aisle once again in 2018. He wed Ally Lutar and is now the COO of Propelle+Konnect, a marketing agency based in eight metropolitan areas.

Cody Sattler and Michelle Money Have Broken Up Now

Hoping to find harmony, Cody Sattler and Michelle Money walked out of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ together. However, their journey after the show didn’t turn out to be as smooth. Instead, the tumult in their relationship returned, and the couple eventually returned to ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ to work out their communication problems. On the show, Cody had alleged that Michelle cheated on him.

Soon after the cameras stopped rolling, the couple decided to split up. Since then, the duo have gone different ways. Cody momentarily ran a workout channel and had a business within this industry. Later, it was speculated by fans that things between Cody and his business partner turned awry. The television personality has since maintained a low profile. He has shed his reality television persona and now lives his life in tandem with nature.

Similarly, Michelle has also discovered a different path. She later found love with Mike Weir, the Canadian athlete. Mike and Michelle got engaged earlier this year and have since begun preparations for their marriage. Besides this, the television personality loves to share her life’s latest milestones with her daughter, Brielle Money.

Robert Graham and Sarrah Herron Are on Their Separate Journeys

Despite failing to make things work on the island, Robert and Sarah had come to realize that they were on a different path. Ultimately, their relationship didn’t work out, and the two walked out of the show single. Nevertheless, the duo have since accomplished different goals. Robert went on to establish a media company called Vampped. He is also the co-founder of After Party, a centre for building a community with creators, actors, authors, comedians and podcasters. He is now in a relationship with Charlyn Jordon, and the couple share the parental duties of their dog, Daisey.

As for Sarah, the ‘Bachelor’ alum later married Dylan Brown at the Grand Canyon. The couple had gotten engaged in May 2021 after dating each other for four years. Sarah is now an Instagram creator and has been open about her struggle with fertility and IVF. Earlier this year, the television personality shared a heartfelt message about the passing of her son, Oliver. Besides being candid about pregnancy and loss, she has also created a community for women and mothers who share the same experience through her blog, the Infertile Circle.

Zack Kalter and Jackie Parr Are Not in Love Anymore

After appearing on the ninth iteration of ‘The Bachelorette,’ Zack hoped to find love once again in ‘Bachelor in Paradise.’ Similarly, Jackie also entered the dating show to find the true one. While their relationship didn’t work out, the duo have since found their footing. Jackie is now working as a makeup artist. Besides posting her latest work online, she also takes online bookings. When she’s not working, she enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and dogs.

Likewise, Zack has also gone on to achieve new heights. He has since been working as an online creator. He is also working on creating a camera and preset app entitled Phlow App. The entrepreneur consistently posts content on his social media platforms. On the personal front, he enjoys life with his partner, Helen Owen.

Tasos Hernandez and Christy Hansen Are No Longer a Couple

Albeit failing to create a lasting bond on the show, Christy and Tasos wished each other the best. Nevertheless, they continue to enjoy life on their terms. Tasos has since explored the horizons of his abilities as an actor and entertainer. The reality star has since become known for his appearances on ‘Better Call Saul,’ ‘The Night Shift,’ and ‘Midnight Texas.’

On the other hand, Christy has found success as a hairstyle artist. She also specializes in beauty, cosmetics and skincare. Besides work, she enjoys spending time with her partner, Wesley Kent and her dog, Chris and cat, Orange.

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