Barbecue Showdown Season 2: Where Are the Contestants Now?

Hosted by Michelle Buteau, Netflix’s ‘Barbecue Showdown,’ AKA ‘The American Barbecue Showdown,’ is a cooking series meant to celebrate the beloved cooking style of barbecue. The various participants in the show are always eager to show off just how skilled they are when it comes to preparing some of the tastiest dishes you will ever see. The series premiered in 2020, and its second season was released quite recently, making fans curious about what the culinary experts are up to these days. Luckily, we are here to answer the same!

Thyron “Big T” Mathews is Co-owning T&T Barbecue

We are starting off with the winner of the show’s second season, Thyron “Big T” Mathews. Based in Oelwein, Iowa, the reality TV star was working as a jail warden in Iowa’s Fayette County when he was a contestant on the Netflix series. However, he did share his plans to leave the job in the future and pursue his passion for barbecue full-time. As of writing, Thyron is one of the three owners of T&T Barbecue, which provides a  variety of goods to those interested in cooking up their own barbecue dishes. From sauces and rubs to official merchandise, the company’s official website offers a variety of options to its customers.

Logan Sandoval is Running Zef BBQ with Family

Up next, we have Logan Sandoval, the season 2 runner-up whose passion for barbecue is certainly evident in his work. The formally trained chef is one of the owners of Zef BBQ, where are cooks mouthwatering meals for his clients. The company’s working model is undoubtedly different than conventional restaurants as the menu is altered every week, and one has to pre-order in order to pick up their meals from Simi Valley, California. This is the only type of service provided by the food establishment. Joining him in his business is his wife, Anna Lindsey. The happy couple are proud parents of a daughter named Nalani and a son called Kai.

Delilah Winder is Offering Chef Services & Consulting Now

Let’s now talk about Delilah Winder, the contestant who missed out on being a finalist by a very narrow margin. She has been active in the culinary industry for well over three decades and is certainly quite experienced. Under the brand of Chef Delilah, she offers her services as Private Chef to those interested. Additionally, she is the Lead Chef Consultant for the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association in Pennsylvania’s Greater Philadelphia Area. Those interested in enjoying her food can do so at Delilah’s Everyday Soul, a restaurant based in Atlanta, Georgia, owned by Delilah.

Michelle Lundstorm is Sharing Culinary Passion Online

Up next, we have the talented Michelle Lundstorm, AKA Money Michelle, whose passion for food is certainly evident through her work. The reality TV star has more than 17 thousand followers on Instagram, where she often shares recipes for different dishes that she enjoys herself. Based in Long Island, New York, she is proud of her Sicilian heritage and is not shy about letting it shine through in her food as well. Additionally, Michelle has her own podcast called Absolute Fire and is affiliated with Avid Armor.

Eduardo Gonzalez is Catering with 187BBQ

Based in Rancho Cucamonga, California, Eduardo Gonzalez is undoubtedly proud of his skills on the grill, which was often praised in the Netflix show. Presently, he is affiliated with 187BBQ, a joint venture started by himself and Eric Mendez that celebrates the TexMex style of barbecue through catering and pop-ups. The variety of delicious meals cooked by this particular duo is always a treat for its customers, and Eduardo himself enjoys preparing the meals for his customers and introducing them to new flavors that they might have never tried before.

Joey Victorian is Leading Victorian’s Barbecue Today

All the way from Houston, Texas, we have Joey Victorian, who is presently the proud Owner and Pitmaster of Victorian’s Barbecue, which is located in Mart, Texas. Though only open on Fridays and Saturdays, the establishment does offer catering services to those interested in the same. As for his personal life, Joey is happily married to Kelli Victorian and has a daughter named Juliette Victorian. With more than 11 thousand Instagram followers, he is also a social media content creator whose food-related content is always ready to make anyone hungry.

Cindy Hayter is Advocating for Bola Pizza Products

Let’s now talk about Cindy Hayter, a resident of Universal City, Texas, who has won many culinary competitions over the years and is never shy about showing off her skills on the grill. Presently, she is affiliated with Bola Pizza as a self-employed Product Advocate and has worked alongside the establishment’s owner Janie Bowers since January 2015. The reality TV star enjoys the company of her family members, especially her children and grandchildren, who often spend time with her. As of writing, she is seemingly single.

John Boy Caddell is Enjoying Mountain Life & Cooking

As it turns out, John Boy Caddell, AKA Tony Perry, is no stranger to television, having appeared in season 1, episode 4 of Discovery’s ‘Moonshiners: Master Distiller.’ Presently based in Oliver Springs, Tennessee, the reality TV star’s love for the mountains is quite evident. He enjoys picking up his herbs for his dishes himself and is always happy to prepare deliciously mouthwatering barbecue dishes. He also seems to enjoy spending time with Kristy Vickers Perry, his significant other. Additionally, John has a dog named Thunder, whom he loves very much.

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