BBC’s Here We Go Season 2 Has Begun Shooting in London

The second season of BBC’s ‘Here We Go’ has commenced filming in London. This sitcom revolves around the Jessop family, providing viewers with a humorous and relatable look into the daily lives of its members. As is typical for many families, they occasionally get on each other’s nerves but ultimately support one another through life’s ups and downs. This season will offer glimpses into the challenges faced by this modern British family, including issues related to careers, relationships, and family in general.

It’s reported that a total of seven episodes are currently in production in London for the second season of the show. While specific filming locations have not been detailed, it’s likely that the Jessop family home, set in the UK, will be a central location in the series. London has a rich history of hosting the filming of both popular films and TV shows. From classics like ‘Notting Hill‘ to contemporary hits like ‘Fleabag’ and the beloved ‘The Crown‘, filmmakers have consistently chosen London as a backdrop for their ambitious productions because of the vibrancy and cinematic culture of the city.

The second season is penned by Tom Basden, who will also be returning to reprise his role as Robin, Rachel’s downtrodden brother from season 1. Furthermore, the official press release has confirmed that he would be one of the executive producers of the season and we can expect him to bring his personal flair to this upcoming installment as well. Talking about his excitement about beginning filming again, Basden said, “Here we go again! I’m absolutely delighted to be bringing the Jessop family back to BBC One for another series of everyday adventures and domestic blips.” The admired actor garnered fans with his notable performance as Matt in Ricky Gervais‘ ‘After Life.’ Basden also appears in the BBC sitcom ‘Quacks.’

The second season will see the return of almost all of the exceptionally talented main cast from Season 1. This includes Jim Howick (‘Ghosts’) as Paul Jessop, Katherine Parkinson (‘The IT Crowd’) as Rachel Jessop, and Alison Steadman (‘Gavin & Stacey’) as Sue Jessop. Additionally, Freya Parks (‘Les Misérables‘), Jude Collie, Mica Ricketts, and Tori Allen-Martin (‘London Kills’) will also be part of the cast. The executive producers for BBC Studios are Tom Jordan and Josh Cole, with Sam Ward serving as the producer.

In February 2023, BBC confirmed the return of not only a second season but also a third season of the show. This means there will be plenty more of the Jessop family’s adventures and everyday challenges to enjoy in the upcoming seasons. With such a strong cast and production team, fans can look forward to catching the second installment of their favorite series very soon.

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