Behind Your Touch Episode 5 and 6 Recap: Jang-yeol’s Dangerous Past

‘Behind Your Touch’ is a Netflix South Korean crime drama show that charts the adventures of an endearingly incompatible investigative duo in a small town. Hotshot Detective Moon Jang-yeol gets transferred to boring Mujin from Seoul after a botched drug bust. However, soon he discovers that his neighbor Veterinarian, Bong Ye-bun, has superpowers that allow her to look into people’s memories by touching their rear ends.

Employing Ye-bun’s help to solve crimes, Jang-yeol hopes to solve enough cases in the crimeless Mujin to earn his spot in Seoul back. In Episodes 5 & 6, the pair continue working on petty crimes, during which Ye-bun learns about a significant moment from Jang-yeol’s past. If you’re interested in learning about the crime-fighting duo’s latest endeavor, here is everything you need to know about the ending of this show’s episodes 5 & 6. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Behind Your Touch Episodes 5 and 6 Recap

Although Ye-bun feigns ignorance regarding Cha’s stolen documents in the last episode, she soon realizes that Jang-yeol doesn’t plan on giving up on the case yet. As such, to save her grandfather from trouble, Ye-bun snoops around his room and finds the documents to return them to the crime scene. Ye-bun inquires about her grandfather’s motives when confronted by him, but the latter is as silent as ever. Regardless, the situation resolves itself, with Cha no longer wishing to continue the investigation. Due to this, Jang-yeol has to look for another case, knowing he wouldn’t find anything as high-profile anytime soon.

Still, when Ok-hui’s father’s expensive fish finder gets stolen, it opens up another case for Jang-yeol. As the case uncovers, Jang-yeol realizes it may be connected to organized crime within the area. Meanwhile, the town’s local shaman finds a puppy, Tofu, buried alive in the mountains and brings it to Ye-bun for a checkup. As such, Ye-bun becomes determined to find Tofu’ abusive owner and demands Jang-yeol’s help before working on his case. While trying to find the owner, Ye-bun realizes that her powers enhance when she cares for her hands and hones her abilities accordingly.

Eventually, the pair catches up to Tofu’s former owner, and Jang-yeol arrests him for animal abuse. Later, as promised, Ye-bun uses her powers on the fish finder case’s prime suspect, Ali, and learns about his regular meet-ups with a random guy. Nevertheless, the pair speak in Arabic, leaving Ye-bun out of the loop. However, Jang-yeol compels her to learn the language enough to transcribe the conversation from Ali’s memories. As a result, Ye-bun asks Seon-woo to tutor her in Arabic.

With Jang-yeol constantly on her shoulder, Ye-bun dedicates her days and nights to studying Arabic until she deciphers Ali’s past conversation. The case continues, albeit with a slight life-threatening roadblock, but Ye-bun and Jang-yeol manage to catch Ali and his accomplices. Afterward, the town encounters a series of thefts revolving around women’s underwear hanging on their roof’s clotheslines. Initially, Jang-yeol ignores the case when his former coworker informs him about Jang-yeol’s nemesis crime lord, Baek’s recent strike.

Consequently, Jang-yeol drives to Seoul with Ye-bun and uses her powers to gain intel about Baek to rattle him during a confrontation. Although Jang-yeol returns to Mujin without another thought, Baek decides to remove Jang-yeol from the board due to the threat he poses to his operations. While Jang-yeol pursues the underwear thief back in Mujin, one of Baek’s guys stabs the former, leaving him to die by the roadside. Thankfully, Ye-bun arrives in time to call for help, but when she tries to report the aggregator to the authorities, Jang-yeol stops her.

Behind Your Touch Episode 6 Ending: Who Stabs Moon Jang-yeol?

Jang-yeol’s history remains a secret for Ye-bun and the audience for a long time. The first time Ye-bun learns about his past, she accidentally touches him and discovers the reason behind his transfer. The second time, she also uses her powers to uncover his memories, only now Jang-yeol asks her to look into his memories to help solve a case. Although Jang-yeol asks Ye-bun to only look through memories that might help them catch the underwear thief, Ye-bun fails to ignore his personal memories revolving around the man responsible for Jang-yeol’s transfer.

Back in Seoul, Jang-yeol knew a young teenager, Park Seung-gil, who had a penchant for getting in trouble with the law. Jang-yeol and Seung-gil have a playfully hot-and-cold relationship, where they’re mean to one another despite their evident care for each other. When Jang-yeol was working on a prominent drug case with Baek at the center, the former fumbled the bust after finding Seung-gil at the crime scene. Consequently, his momentary hesitation in arresting his friend led to his career plummeting and landed him in Mujin.

In the present day, Seung-gil is still working for Baek, who is holding a nun from the former’s school as leverage over him. The nun is severely ill with serious surgery in the future. Baek offers Seung-gil money while subtly threatening the nun’s life to convince him to work for him. Later, the man accompanies Baek while he schemes to stab Jang-yeol after finding him running amok in Mujin after the underwear thief. Seung-gil knows that if Baek or one of his men goes after Jang-yeol, they will stab the Detective with the intent to kill.

Therefore, Seung-gil decides to take up the task himself, confronting Jang-yeol in the middle of a remote road. However, Seung-gil ensures to stab Jang-yeol in a manner that only intensely injures the latter without killing him. Seung-gil’s dedication to saving Jang-yeol’s life is a testament to their close, if tumultuous relationship. Likewise, even as Jang-yeol is bleeding out, he encourages Ye-bun not to report Seung-gil to the police.

Does The Police Catch Seung-gil?

Even though Ye-bun instantly recognizes Seung-gil from Jang-yeol’s memories after encountering him stabbing the detective, she remains quiet about his identity at the latter’s request. By seeing Jang-yeol’s memories, Ye-bun knows how important Seung-gil is in his life and realizes that despite the latter’s betrayal, Jang-yeol still wants to ensure his safety. Therefore, Ye-bun wordlessly accompanies Jang-yeol to the emergency center but doesn’t share his attacker’s identity when the cops ask her about it.

Later, once Jang-yeol has recovered from the initial injury, his neighbors visit him in the hospital thanks to their small-town hospitality. By the time Ye-bun arrives to visit the recovering patient, the crowd has subsided. Still, on her way to Jang-yeol’s room, Ye-bun notices Seung-gil lurking around the hospital. As a result, Ye-bun calls Jang-yeol. However, when the Detective fails to pick up the call, Ye-bun realizes she has to act fast and calls Captain Won Jong-mook and alerts him about the stabber’s presence in the building.

Simultaneously, Ye-bun follows after Seung-gil to ensure he isn’t here to finish the job and harm Jang-yeol further. In doing so, Ye-bun gets caught by Seung-gil, who takes her to the roof. When Seung-gil asks the vet about Jang-yeol’s well-being, the latter realizes that he clearly still cares about the Detective. Eventually, when Ye-bun uses her powers on the man, she realizes that he only stabbed Jang-yeol because Baek was blackmailing him.

Furthermore, Ye-bun figures out that Seung-gil purposefully stabbed Jang-yeol in a non-fatal spot, knowing Baek would be privy to Jang-yeol’s past spleen injury and aim there. By the time Won arrives at the hospital roof, Seung-gil flees from the scene, leaving Ye-bun behind, who covers up for him, realizing the situation is more complicated than she thought.

Therefore, Ye-bun goes to inform Jang-yeol about the same, urging him to discuss everything with Seung-gil. Nevertheless, the man enters Jang-yeol’s room shortly after, drenched in his own blood and profusely bleeding. Baek likely caught up to Seung-gil’s plan and killed him in retaliation. While dying, Seung-gil sought out Jang-yeol. Despite their contentious relationship, Jang-yeol has always been someone Seung-gil feels safe with. As a result, the boy spends his dying moments in his former friend’s arms. Although Seung-gil manages to evade the police with Ye-bun’s help, he fails to escape Baek’s cruel retribution.

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