Below Deck’s Alissa Humber: Everything We Know

Image Credit: Alissa Humber/Instagram

Bravo’s ‘Below Deck‘ is an entertaining reality series that follows the crewmates of various luxurious yachts out in the sea. The show’s tenth season welcomed several new cast members, including Alissa Humber. Her charming personality and dashing looks helped her rise in popularity. The Stew tries to provide the guests with the best service possible throughout the show. However, life on a yacht is far from easy and has led her into an argument to two with her fellow crewmates. Naturally, people are eager to know as much as possible about Alissa, and we are here to answer the same.

Alissa Humber’s Early Life and Background

Born and raised in beautiful Florida, Alissa was in her mid-20s when she first appeared in ‘Below Deck.’ The reality TV star seemingly grew up with two siblings and is quite proud of her status as a middle child. When not working out on the sea, Alissa enjoys her life to the fullest. She is especially fond of traveling and has visited places like the Bahamas. Additionally, Alissa adores the beauty of nature and loves animals. As of writing, she resides in Miami and can often be found in various seaside locations.

Alissa Humber’s Professional Life

Alissa was introduced to the world of yachting only two years before her television debut. She started working as a Stew on temporary yacht jobs and was able to visit some of the most beautiful places in the world during the charter season. Through her skills, personality, and dedication, Alissa established a reputation for herself and was welcomed aboard St. David under Captain Lee Rosbach. Interestingly, her first year on the superyacht coincided with her first time on ‘Below Deck.’

Alissa was welcomed to the crew by Chief Stew Fraser Olender and quickly became an integral member of the yacht’s staff. She had priorly worked as a Second Stew which apparently involved a lot of housekeeping duties. As of writing, Alissa is still affiliated with St. David and is always eager to help the guests. Her goal is apparently to become as successful as possible and develop valuable connections. Besides, Alissa seems interested in furthering herself within the modeling industry.

Is Alissa Humber Dating Someone?

From what we can tell, Alissa Humber is not in a relationship. The Florida native is more than happy being a single woman and is never one to stop having fun. On the show, viewers also witness Alissa sharing intimate moments with another St. David’s crew member. Needless to say, her romantic life has remained a topic of interest for the viewers, with many rooting for any potential matches that might come her way.

When not out on the sea, Alissa takes delight in shopping. Her passion for fashion is quite evident, and the reality TV star has always been partial to the fashion trends in Miami. Moreover, her love for nature motivates her to participate in kayaking and hiking. She likes to be with her loved ones and is always up for a good time. We wish Alissa the best in her life and hope to see more of her in the future.

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