14 Best Fiction Storytelling Podcasts of All Time

“Sometimes reality is too complex. Stories give it form”- Jean Luc Godard.

There are a lot of ways in which humans connect with each other, one of the most important of which is stories. We grow up listening to stories; we build relationships by sharing stories; we stay in each other’s lives in the form of a story. Storytelling comes with human DNA, and there is no separating it from us. Some like stories based on real lives; they find solid ground in its authenticity. Others use it to escape reality; they find the connection in the things that test imagination. If you belong to the second category, then we have compiled a list of podcasts for you that will transport you to another world. Here’s the list of top fiction storytelling podcasts. You can listen to several of these best fiction storytelling podcasts on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify or even YouTube for free.

14. The Truth (2012- present)

A lot of people have a particular genre that attracts them. They prefer to keep themselves occupied with just those stories. But you are not one of them. You have a versatile taste; you like to mix things up. And instead of listening to one story of the same tone for an extended amount of time, you’d rather listen to many short stories, each entirely different from its predecessor. If you are looking for such a podcast, then ‘The Truth’ is for you. You can listen to all its episodes here.

13. Dreamboy (2018- present)

This is the story of Dane. Dane doesn’t want much from life. He just wants to keep his job at the Pepper Heights Zoo in Cleveland, Ohio. Another thing he would like is to build a good relationship with someone. With a job that doesn’t demand much of him, he should be able to handle this rather easily. But that’s just what he thinks. In truth, his job is about to change his entire perception of the world around him. Listen to Dane’s story in ‘Dreamboy’. You can catch all its episodes here.

12. Alba Salix, Royal Physician (2014- present)

Being a royal physician is difficult, especially when you are a witch. Most days, you wish you could run away, but the kingdom needs you. Alba Salix is held back by the same responsibility. She tends to the people of Farloria, including the King and the Queen. She hired assistants in the hope they would make her task easier, but unfortunately, Magnus is what she has to deal with. His insufferable character becomes even more unbearable when his exact opposite Holly, the fairy, enters the picture. What will Alba do? You can find all episodes of this podcast here.

11. Hector vs The Future (2016- present)

How important is history? If we keep our hold on the past, how do we expect to welcome the future with open arms? The world that Hector lives in has been asking this question a lot lately. People have been less and less interested in his collection of things of the past, which has led to the decision of the shutting down of the museum that he curates. But he can’t allow that to happen. He needs to keep it going. So, he goes around the country, looking for interesting things that can help him keep his audience interested. But he will run out of it one day. What then? Listen to all episodes of ‘Hector vs The Future’ here.

10. Marsfall (2017- present)

With the world celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing (not so for the conspiracy theorists, though!), the question that people ask now is when will we land on Mars? Many rovers and satellites have been sent to the Red Planet, but when will an actual human set foot on its ground? Will we ever be able to colonise it? We might have to wait a while for it in real life, but if you want to entertain the idea, listen to ‘Marsfall’. Set in 2047, it follows the story of the people who are the first colonists on the planet. Each episode is told from a different perspective. Listen to the podcast here.

9. The Bright Sessions (2015- present)

Being a therapist is an interesting job. You meet all sorts of people; you get to know about their lives, though you often get stories that your patients would like to forget. You get to study human behaviour in all forms, and what could be better than this? The doctor of the sessions conducted in this story wants to take things a bit further. He places the ad in a newspaper, offering “therapy for the strange and unusual”. He records the session for research purposes. Each episode brings a strange client. You can listen to all episodes of ‘The Bright Sessions’ here.

8. MarsCorp (2016- present)

If you are into sci-fi, but also want some humour on the side, then listen to ‘MarsCorp’. Set in 2070, it takes you on a journey to the planet which is now in the process of a terraforming mission. After travelling such a long distance, and spending time in somatic sleep, you’ll be allowed time to familiarise yourself with the surroundings. You’ll be taken on a proper tour. You can listen to all episodes of ‘MarsCorp’ here.

7. Alice Isn’t Dead (2016- present)

The narrator of this story is a woman. She used to live in a world where everything was what it seemed. Normal, simple, beautiful world which turned sad when her wife, Alice, died. But then one day, she saw Alice on the news. She was in the background — she would always be in the background — always looking at a person who had met a gruesome end. The narrator decides to find out how Alice was alive, why she faked her death and what was her connection with these deaths? This journey leads her down a bizarre, unbelievable and ugly path. She will not like what she finds. You can listen to all episodes of ‘Alice Isn’t Dead’ here.

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6. Marvel’s Wolverine (2018- present)

Hugh Jackman’s retirement from Wolverine was a huge disappointment to the fans. While Marvel wonders what they are going to do next with this character and whom they are going to cast to fill in the shoes of Jackman, the fans are looking for a way back into Logan’s world. If you are one of those people, then Marvel has something for you. In this podcast, we find Logan going back to New Orleans, in an attempt to purge himself of all the violence and hatred he has witnessed. But the trouble is easy to find for him. Humans and mutants have started disappearing and no one knows what to do. Logan (voiced by Richard Armitage) is assisted by Marcus Baptiste and they embark on a journey that is full of perils. You can listen to the podcast here.

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5. The Amelia Project (2017- present)

We can’t do everything on our own. For most of the stuff, we need help, and fortunately, there is a service for everything these days — even for faking your own death. ‘The Amelia Project’ follows the story of one such organization. You are a politician who has too many scandals to your name, kill yourself. You are a celebrity who is done with all the fame and popularity, kill yourself. You are a cult leader who started a religion but screwed up big time? Kill yourself. The Amelia Project will help you with that. And then, you are free to start anew, be whoever you want to be. Listen to the podcast here.

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4. Wolf 359 (2014- present)

If you enjoy absurdist humour, then this is THE podcast for you. It is a sci-fi drama that follows the story of a crew aboard U.S.S Hephaestus Research Station. They are currently orbiting a star named Wolf 359. Doul Eiffel is the communications officers, and he is not really happy with his job. To begin with, his crew is full of people who are not easy to work with. Secondly, the environment of the space ship presents the problems that turn an easy task into an ordeal. Moreover, nothing interesting ever happens to him. Why is he even on this ship? Find out all about it here.

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3. We’re Alive (2009- present)

If you love stories set in a post-apocalyptic world, if ‘The Walking Dead’ is one of your favourite shows, then you should listen to this podcast. It follows the story of Michael Cross and his group, as they try to survive in an increasingly violent world. Civilization as we know it is about to collapse, if it hasn’t already, and the world is thrown back to the jungle law. If you want to survive, you should be ready for anything and everything. You can listen to all episodes of this podcast here.

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2. Homecoming (2016- present)

Now an Amazon series starring Julia Roberts, ‘Homecoming’ follows the story of a woman who discovers that her previous job had her do a lot more than she actually remembers. If you loved the series, but want to get to the depth of the story, then listening to the podcast is your only option. The characters are voiced by the likes of Catherine Keener, Oscar Issac, and David Schwimmer, among others. At the centre of it is a homecoming facility that helps soldiers’ transition in civilian life. But that’s on the surface, there is another layer to its motive that isn’t so clear at first. You can listen to all episodes of this podcast here.

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1. Welcome to Night Vale (2012- present)

Does the world we live in seem boring to you? Are you fascinated by the stories that people deduce from the small details scattered around everywhere and concoct fantastic stories that sometimes seem too interesting to be true? Even if you don’t believe in conspiracy theories, do you entertain the idea of a place where they actually were? Would you rather live in that place? If yes, then ‘Welcome to the Night Vale’. Everything is possible here, which is why we say, “be careful what you wish for”. You can catch all episodes of this podcast here.

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