17 Best Relationship Advice Podcasts of All Time

No man is an island. We need to connect with others if we wish to survive and thrive. Falling in love and sharing your life with someone brings a lot of joy to us. However, there are meant to be bumps along the way. While in the beginning, it is common interests that come to light, the differences surface as you spend more time together. It can all go from magical to messy pretty easily, but you have to work through these problems if you are really invested in the relationship. If you don’t have time for couples’ therapy, then podcasts are a great alternative for you. Here’s the list of top relationship podcasts. You can listen to several of these best relationship podcasts on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify or even YouTube for free.

17. The Boundless Show (2008- present)

Common interests help us connect with other people, and it isn’t just about the movies you watch and the music you like. Faith is also an important factor that drives us towards another person. In fact, the religious beliefs that have we have grown up with define the type of relationship that we are looking for. ‘The Boundless Show’ addresses the love life of Christian adults. This fun podcast is hosted by Lisa Anderson who hosts experts from different fields to talk about modern dating life. You can listen to all episodes of this podcast here.

16. Life Sentences (2017- present)

To solve a problem, a referee is extremely important, which is why couples go for therapy. But then again, you don’t have time for that. Instead of sending you to a therapist, ‘Life Sentences’ brings one to you. Amanda is a certified marriage and family therapist and knows of all the problems that couples suffer from. In this podcast, she is joined by her husband, who is a psychology enthusiast, to bring a balance to the discussion. Through the experiences of their own relationship, they try to offer a solution to the things that your own relationship can benefit from. You can listen to all episodes of this podcast here.

15. The Smart Couple (2015- present)

While maintaining a good relationship is important, it is also necessary to hold on to your individuality. Marrying or dating someone doesn’t mean that all the decisions for the rest of your life are about both of you. You have your career, your friendships, your family, and many other things that still fall under “mine”, not “ours”. You need to find a way to strike the balance between your independence and the relationship. ‘The Smart Couple’ shows you how to rise above the conventional tropes of a relationship and give new meaning to the bond with your partner. You can listen to all episodes of the podcast here.

14. Relationships Uncomplicated (2017- present)

It takes a lot of time and effort to build a relationship and just one misstep to bring it down. Sometimes, miscommunication is the cause of a deteriorating relationship. Other times, infidelity can end your marriage. There are hundreds of other problems that slowly eat away at your love and trust before you decide to call quits on each other. ‘Relationship Uncomplicated’ is here to help you with those issues. If you want to give another chance to yourself and your partner, listen to this podcast and learn some important life lessons. All its episodes are available here.

13. Love Is Like A Plant (2016- present)

Every relationship needs nurturing. You need to put in the time and effort to get the best out of it. But no matter what you do, problems are bound to surface. You will have differences, and there is always a scope for argument. The trick here is to know how to handle the situation. ‘Love Is Like A Plant’ helps you with all that, and more. It also tells you how to handle a breakup; whether you should maintain a friendship with your ex; is social media stalking of your partner a healthy habit; and many other topics. You can listen to all episodes of the podcast here.

12. Anatomy of Marriage (2017- present)

Sharing your life with someone, living with someone for the rest of your life is no child’s play. Despite your love for each other, there are times when you wish you could be alone, even if for a day. Everyone has ups and downs in their relationships, but if you are facing too many problems, then you need to stop for a while and start working on those problems. In ‘Anatomy of a Marriage’, Melanie and Seth Studley help you work through all sorts of mess tormenting your marriage. You can listen to the podcast here.

11. Relationship Alive! (2015- present)

Watching people celebrate fifty years of their marriage, seeing old couples fighting and yet staying with each other all the while, we wonder what keeps them together. Modern relationships seem so fragile, so volatile. What can we learn from the successful relationships of others? What is the secret to keeping the flame of love alive in a relationship? In this podcast, Neil Sattin invites relationship experts to talk about the shifting nature of a relationship and how we can keep up with it. Sattin is a relationship coach himself and has helped many couples heal their broken bonds. You too can learn a great deal from him. Listen to all episodes of ‘Relationship Alive!’ here.

10. Where Should We Begin? (2017- present)

Many relationships end because the couple refuses to acknowledge their problems until they realize they can’t take it anymore. Maybe it is because you want to see your relationship as perfect or because you don’t have anyone who can relate to your problems. ‘Where Should We Begin?’ helps you with that. It features real couples with problems that a lot of us suffer from but never talk about. It is a safe space to share your story and to learn from others’ stories. You can listen to all episodes of the podcast here.

9. Routes and Relationships (2018- present)

So, you think that you and your partner need to work through some issues. You are ready to take it to a therapist, but the other isn’t. They are not ready to bare their problems to someone they don’t know. Mori Langshaw Sr and Mia Mignon know exactly how to handle this situation. In the ‘Routes and Relationships’ podcast, they lure in the listeners by first talking about sports. Basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, whatever your poison is, they are here to chat about it. But once that is done, they want to talk about what’s plaguing your relationship. They ease into the conversation so it feels like listening to a friend. You can listen to all episodes of the podcast here.

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8. Dating, Relationships, and Love (2016- present)

Sitcoms and romantic comedies are fun, but they are also bad influence. They give us swoon-worthy romance and increase our expectations to have a similar real-life relationship. And most of them are set in New York City, which adds another layer of romanticism to it. But real-life is much more complicated and relationships are messier. In this podcast, Tennesha Wood talks about what it actually means to date in New York City. She shares her experiences, gives advice on some tricky problems and features guests who weigh in their opinions. You can listen to all episodes of the podcast here.

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7. Multiamory Podcast (2014- present)

Love isn’t one dimensional, it is a complicated feeling. And yet, it is treated as if it is the simplest thing in the world. Perhaps, it is because society has bound it in strict definitions for so long that we have been conditioned to think of it that way. However, we are breaking off of those notions now. We are beginning to understand the various forms that love can take. ‘Multiamory Podcast’ is a celebration of all shapes and sizes that love comes in. There are no stigmas here, just honest conversations about the things that are rarely addressed. You can listen to all episodes of the podcast here.

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6. Breakup Boost (2016- present)

We don’t all find our soulmate at once. One has to take a long dive into the dating pool; kiss some frogs before finding the one and only for you. While this means you get to meet a lot of people and forge some friendships and have fun, it also means that you have to be prepared for the break-ups that follow. Whatever end of “it’s not you, it’s me” you are on, breaking up is never easy. Trina Leckie is here for you through this difficult time. In her podcast, she talks about all the different stages of recovering from a break-up and prepares you to get back in the dating game. You can listen to all episodes of ‘Breakup Boost’ here.

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5. Empowered Relationship Podcast (2015- present)

Every hurdle in your life is an opportunity. A chance to challenge yourself, to find your weaknesses, to work on them and come out better on the other side. The same rule applies to relationships as well. When you come across a problem with each other, don’t see it as just another source of argument. Turn it into an opportunity to know each other better, and empower your relationship. Don’t know how to do that? Allow Jessica Higgins to help you. This podcast not only advises you how to get out of a knotty situation, but also gives you tips to thaw any icy wall between the two of you. You can listen to all episodes of this podcast here.

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4. Love + Relationships with Debra Fileta (2018- present)

If you are a single person trying to figure out a way to find a stable relationship, or you are already in one but have raging issues with your partner, then Debra Fileta is the one you should turn to for advice. She is a licensed counsellor and has written various books on the subject. In this podcast, she invites listeners to call her up and talk about their problems. It could be about trust issues, online dating, casual dating, conversation skills, handling singlehood, or the things that destroy a relationship. She gives practical and tested solutions to all your queries. You can listen to all episodes of the podcast here.

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3. Couple Friends (2018- present)

When you get married, your priorities change. Have a kid and there is no going back. You have problems that only another couple can understand. You still love your single friends, but they are of another world now. What you need is “couple friends”, and they aren’t easy to find. Even if you do find one, it takes time to build the trust to share a common space where you can discuss intimate things. And what if you don’t like them? You can’t continue a friendship like that! Instead of embarking on a search again, just listen to ‘Couple Friends’ podcast, hosted by Jenna Kim Jones and her husband. You can listen to the podcast here.

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2. Love Life Connection (2016- present)

Previously known as ‘Date Yourself Radio’, this podcast is hosted by Veronica Grant. For a long time in her life, Veronica tackled difficult relationships and tricky dates. She seemed to have developed a tendency to date unsuitable men, and this was turning into a nightmare that she couldn’t get out of. That was until she analysed her actions and found out a way to check off some points before jumping into a relationship. If you too have been having a bit of hard luck, then ‘Love Life Connection’ is the solution to your problems. You can listen to it here.

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1. Confessions of A Terrible Husband (2014- present)

If all the choices in this list seem overwhelming to you and can’t figure out which one you should listen to, then we have a great option for you. ‘Confessions of A Terrible Husband’ is a podcast for people who are going through some rocky times in their marriage. It not only provides you with the solutions for your disagreements but also gives you pre-emptive measures to not start a fight again. What makes it better is that the hosts from other relationship podcasts appear as guests here and share insights on various subjects. You can listen to all episodes of this podcast here.

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