12 Best Multiplayer/Two-Player Co-op Survival Games

Minecraft is one of the first games that popularized the survival genre, and if you’ve played on one of the survival servers, you know how much fun it is. Over the years, developers have pushed out a number of quality survival games that you can play co-op with your friends or simply go at it solo. It’s unfortunate that triple-A game publishers are not catering to fans of the genre as most of the popular survival titles out there are from smaller studios.

While the world is focused on games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite, survival games are seeing a resurgence in the gaming community. Survival horror games are not meant for everyone but if you are the type who loves venturing out into the unforgiving territory, then these are some of our top picks that you should check out. You can play these top multiplayer co-op survival games on Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PC, iPhone, Andriod or even online.

12. The Forest (2014)

While the other titles on this list belong to the survival genre, they are not particularly scary. The Forest, on the other hand, will spook you more than any ‘Resident Evil’ title ever will. You are constantly hunted by cannibals who will take advantage of every opportunity to get to you. There is no worse feeling in-game than seeing the cannibals stare right into your eyes as you find a way to scurry to safety. And if you thought gameplay during the day is spooky, wait until night hits in-game as things get even more terrifying. It is important to build traps and fortifications to keep yourself safe from the cannibals. The Forest is unlike any other zombie game you may have played in the past. The cannibals are methodical in their attacks and are not easily fooled. One wrong move and before you know it, you’ll be dead.

11. RUST (2013)

When you first hop on to RUST, you have nothing at your disposal, and the first thing the game tells you to do is chop down trees and smash rocks for resources. You need to put up a small base together to get started but knowing how the game really plays out, it won’t be long until wild animals start hunting you down like there’s no tomorrow. If you go for co-op gameplay, RUST will be a much more forgiving experience as you can watch each other’s’ backs. We recommend not going in solo as other players in groups will start hunting you down immediately. If you work together with your friend, you will be able to work towards building fortified towns with turrets, traps and other contraptions. The goal of the game is to survive other players for as long as possible. The best feeling in-game is when you manage to pull yourself out of unwinnable situations and end up annihilating enemy groups which alone makes the game worth playing.

10. ARK: Survival Evolved (2017)

ARK has been a mixed bag for most players, and it is very similar to RUST when it comes to mechanics. Unlike the Mad Max-like world of RUST, ARK is set in the prehistoric era with dinosaurs roaming the lands. You can turn them into allies and ride them if you dare but one wrong move and you’ll end up being food. You can recruit pterodactyls to fly around the map and attack enemy bases. You need to get your head around the taming system as dinosaurs are key to taking down bosses and cheesing special events. There’s a number of building tools available to all players, which means that you can customize your base however you please. The gameplay requires you to be careful about your food and water supplies as well as your stamina. If you are not sufficiently stocked, you will end up running into a lot of trouble. The game is best experienced with friends as it makes progression much easier for players.

9. Minecraft (2009)

If you want to experience survival in its truest form, Minecraft’s survival servers should be your calling. While the game’s dated graphics might turn a lot of players away, there is a lot more in store than you think. It’s not just another LEGO-like building game where you farm resources and create buildings; the community is constantly working towards adding new game modes in Minecraft that millions of players across the world enjoy. In the survival servers that are available in-game, you need to be careful about your health and stamina as you ward off zombies who come to destroy everything you ever built. The crafting system is amazing and allows players to build anything they want at all. If you are feeling a little adventurous, you can create your own custom servers as well.

8. DayZ (2013)

The game has been in early access for years and while its novelty may have faded a little, if you’ve never got to try it out since its release on the Steam store, you should definitely check the game out. It is one of the best modern-day survival games ever made, only marred by slow development time by the studio. If you are not a fan of the crafting system that drives most survival games, DayZ is far more approachable. While there is crafting in-game, it does not force players to spend hours every day for grinding resources. There are roleplay servers available as well, and if you love titles like Grand Theft Auto, you’ll enjoy every bit of the roleplay servers available in DayZ.

7. Astroneer (2019)

If you want to get away from the grim setting of the other games on this list, you should check out Astroneer. It’s not a game that seeks to frighten you by any means. Instead, it will always make you happy with its fun mechanics and light-hearted art-style. You can do on expeditions with your friends, and all you need to worry about is the amount of oxygen you have. You get to play the role of a scientist as you explore uncharted territory and develop research outposts in lands unknown. The advanced technology shown in-game is straight out of any Hollywood sci-fi flick with high-end gadgets and a number of other scientific curiosities that you will want to tinker with. The gameplay is fairly simple and much more welcoming than any other survival game on this list.

6. Terraria (2011)

Terraria is considered by many to be a 2D Minecraft clone, but it is far from the truth. While there are a lot of elements in common with Minecraft, the core of the gameplay is reliant on survival. Terraria launched with no co-op mode, but the developers added a 2P mode that makes the gameplay twice as fun. You will love making your way through dungeons with your friend as you explore new shelters, talk to interesting NPCs and more. There’s a number of magical tools and weapons that you can have fun with, and you’ll find a number of interesting monsters to battle.

The game does not open itself up to you at one go, and you have to spend time exploring everything that it has to offer over time as you unlock new vehicles to explore previously unreachable locations in-game. The crafting system is one of the most fun we have ever seen, and you will love making the wackiest of items that will help you progress through the gameplay. The game is available for the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android and PC and has cross play enabled for mobile devices as well, so you can play with your friends on the go!

5. Starbound (2016)

If you consider yourself to be a very curious person, Starbound is quite possibly the best game that you can lay your hands on. The number of diversions that is available in-game to take your mind off the main storyline is what makes the experience so special. You start off with barely any resources, and you make your way through the campaign as you explore new space stations and terraforming locations that will capture your imagination. The real fun begins when you reach the very first forge in a mud hut, and you get to go all the way to futuristic space stations with high-tech weaponry. You have to account for things like hunger and resources when playing on normal difficulty but if you do not want to be bothered by such things and want a much more relaxed experience for gaming sessions after long days, simply set the difficulty to easy and you’ll be free to explore the game as much as you want.

4. Don’t Starve Together (2016)

Don’t Starve Together is a brilliant title that has not only won the hearts of players looking for a great survival horror experience but has also claimed friendships with its unforgiving gameplay. Set in a gothic world, you will be stunned by the beautiful art style that you won’t find anywhere else. From killer bees to one-eyed birds, there is a ton of dangers that await you once you step into the world of Don’t Starve Together. There are two versions of the game available, with Don’t Starve being the standard single-player title and Don’t Starve Together being the co-op title. You have to make your way through the wilderness and dangers that lie within as you hunt for resources and make tools. The game has some really good bosses as well, and you need to be very tactical with your approach if you don’t want to be turned into ash.

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3. Rimworld (2018)

Rimworld is one of the best indie games that came out in recent years, and it has all of the classic survival elements that you would expect from the genre. From wild animals to raiders, diseases to drug addiction, there’s a number of dangers that you need to be worried about. The world presents itself to you the more you explore it. It is important to keep everyone happy in a colony as one bad incident can lead to colony members showing their ugly side to you. You need to make sure all of your colonists are taken care of, but you won’t know what to do until you really go through the motions and learn all of the tricks to be a diplomat. Failure is the first step to success in Rimworld as you will need to put in time, and understand how the colonists function in-game to keep them on your side.

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2. Subnautica (2018)

Subnautica does not have a co-op mode, and you will need to develop a community-built mod to enable co-op gameplay if you want to experience the title with your friends. The mod has been approved by developers, so you do not have to worry about getting banned or anything of that sort. You find yourself stuck in an underwater planet that is not really hospitable to human life. You need to delve into the waters and find resources as you make your way past scary monsters that are after your life. Managing the amount of air you have left can be very tricky as you need to ensure you have enough oxygen to make it out and not die. There are giant fish and intriguing labyrinths that you can check out. Even though the game presents itself as a survival title, the gameplay is highly relaxing, and you will love every bit of it.

1. Apex Legends (2019)

Battle Royale is essentially is part of the survival genre according to many gamers. You have the same mechanics that involve scavenging for resources and weaponry and making your way to safety. Instead of the usual wilderness and monsters being your enemies, you have to be concerned about other players instead. Apex is a three-player title, but you can start matches as a duo and have a third person join in from random matchmaking to fill your team. It is one of the most refined battle royale experiences out there, and the best part is that it is free to play.

You can simply download the game from Origin on PC or on the PS4/Xbox One stores and get started with quick battle royals matches in no time. The gameplay is far more refined than the likes of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or other battle royale titles that are available in the market currently. As long as you are able to keep up with the fast-paced action and the constant fear of the circle closing in, you will love the thrilling experience that Apex Legends has to offer.

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