Showtime’s Billions: Miami Starts Filming in Miami and New York in July

Billions Season 5 Episode 3

A new chapter of ‘Billions’ is ready for cameras! The filming of Showtime’s ‘Billions: Miami’ will start in Miami, Florida, and New York next month. The co-creators of the original series, Brian Koppelman and David Levien, are also leading the show. With official cast announcements still pending, it remains uncertain whether any of the stars from the original series will join this installment in the expanded ‘Billions’ universe.

The series will dive into the world of private aviation, a realm where the wealthy clientele live as though the rules of society, government, and even gravity don’t apply to them. Set against the vibrant backdrop of Miami, the show will explore the intersection of luxury, nightlife, and illicit activities, with contraband and cryptocurrency playing significant roles.

In the finale of ‘Billions,’ Bobby Axelrod, Chuck Rhoades, Wendy Rhoades, and Taylor Mason are entangled in a desperate race to thwart Mike Prince’s presidential ambitions. The group, joined by unexpected allies Kate Sacker and Phillip Charyn, orchestrates a series of events to expose Prince’s weaknesses. Chuck sparks a media frenzy by launching an investigation into the energy sector, while Taylor uses an algorithm to disrupt Prince Capital’s investments. These coordinated actions lead to a press conference that clears the accused energy companies, causing their stock values to skyrocket. Realizing his defeat, Prince faces significant fallout, losing both support and stock value. The series wraps up with the characters reflecting on their experiences, tying up loose ends, and hinting at their future.

Koppelman and Levien’s expanded ‘Billions’ universe is formed by four upcoming spinoffs. Alongside ‘Billions: Miami,’ the forthcoming shows include ‘Billions: London,’ ‘Millions,’ and ‘Trillions,’ each offering distinct perspectives on the dynamics of wealth and power. ‘Billions: London’ will revolve around the English capital city’s financial sector.

As its title implies, ‘Millions’ shifts the spotlight to a more accessible level of wealth, contrasting with the extravagant fortunes seen in the main series. This spinoff follows a group of diverse, ambitious thirty-somethings navigating the competitive landscape of Manhattan’s financial scene as they strive to establish themselves as financial moguls. At the other extreme, ‘Trillions’ adds a melodramatic twist to the ‘Billions’ universe. The show chronicles the fictionalized lives of the country’s most affluent individuals—industrial giants whose paths cross in a tapestry of interactions and clashes, promising a rich blend of drama and intrigue.

While Miami is a new principal location for the franchise, New York hosted the shooting of the mothership series in the past. Recently, Netflix’s ‘Griselda‘ was shot in Miami, while another financial drama series, ‘Succession,’ was filmed in New York.

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