Billions: London Begins Filming in London in August

The filming of ‘Billions: London,’ a spin-off series of Showtime’s ‘Billions,’ is set to start in London, England, in August. The show is set in the world of UK finance, expanding the ‘Billions’ universe across the Atlantic to likely explore the financial realm of the region as the original series delves into Wall Street. Brian Koppelman and David Levien, who created the flagship show with Andrew Ross Sorkin, are overseeing the development of the upcoming project.

The series is one of the four spin-offs Koppelman and Levien are developing to expand ‘Billions’ into a franchise. The rest of the upcoming shows are ‘Billions: Miami,’ ‘Millions,’ and ‘Trillions,’ each offering distinct perspectives on wealth and power. ‘Billions: Miami’ offers an exploration of the private aviation realm, where clients challenge societal norms. Set against the lively backdrop of Miami, the series delves into themes of wealth, nightlife, contraband, and the impact of cryptocurrency.

‘Millions,’ as the title suggests, shifts focus to a more relatable level of wealth—ordinary wealth, in contrast to the extravagant fortunes depicted in the main series. Following a group of diverse, ambitious thirty-somethings, this spin-off delves into the cutthroat world of aspiring financial moguls striving to make their mark in Manhattan.

On the other end of the spectrum, ‘Trillions’ introduces a more melodramatic tone to the ‘Billions’ universe. The narrative compiles fictional tales of the world’s wealthiest individuals—titans of industry scattered across the country, intertwining in encounters and conflicts that promise both drama and intrigue.

Towards the end of ‘Billions,’ Bobby Axelrod, Chuck Rhoades, Wendy Rhoades, and Taylor Mason are left scrambling to defeat Mike Prince and his presidential campaign. However, a well-executed plan unfolds, revealing alliances and strategies in place. As the group gathers, including surprise additions Kate Sacker and Philip, they set a series of events in motion to expose Prince’s vulnerabilities. Chuck initiates an investigation into the energy sector, creating a media buzz. Meanwhile, Taylor manipulates an algorithm affecting Prince Capital’s investments. The orchestrated moves pave the way for a press conference clearing the accused energy companies, causing their stocks to soar. Prince, realizing his defeat, faces repercussions and loses support and stocks. The series finale concludes with characters reflecting on their journeys, tying up loose ends, and setting the stage for new beginnings.

Details regarding the spin-offs, such as the involvement of original series performers and new cast members, are still under wraps. London, where the shooting of ‘Billions: London’ will take place, is a significant location for ‘The Gentlemen‘ and ‘Damsel.’

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