Billions Season 6 Episode 9 Recap and Ending, Explained

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In the ninth episode of the sixth season of ‘Billions,’ titled ‘Hindenburg,’ Mike Prince (Corey Stoll) is out for blood. He had spent years planning the Olympic Games in New York, and Chuck’s (Paul Giamatti) dogged campaigning took that away from him. Now, he wants revenge. Meanwhile, Chuck correctly figures out that Mike will not accept defeat quietly, so he prepares himself for the inevitable counterattack.

“Dollar” Bill and Mafee visit Michael Prince Capital. Through their body language, Taylor (Asia Kate Dillon) correctly deduces that they are planning to poach employees. Here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Billions’ season 6 episode 9. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Billions Season 6 Episode 9 Recap

Episode 9 begins as Mike mulls over his loss. Chuck drops by, apparently to end the feud for good. But both men know it’s not yet over. The following day, Mike orders his generals, Scooter (Daniel Breaker) and Wags (David Costabile), to prepare for revenge and war. Elsewhere in New York, Dave (Sakina Jaffrey) and Chuck are supposed to meet Stuart Legere at a high-end club.

As Dave arrives earlier than Legere, who is a member of the club, she is told to wait outside. She watches as a wealthy man doesn’t let a young mother with a stroller inside the exclusive Vanderbilt Park. Dave becomes agitated. After Chuck arrives, they decide to go after the park’s board of trustees. They hope to make this the first step in their attempt to open up the city.

“Dollar” Bill and Mafee drop by at Michael Prince Capital. Taylor is initially very happy to see their friends there. But they soon realize that those two are spending an awful amount of time with Ben Kim and Tuk Lal. There is only one possible explanation for this. “Dollar” Bill and Mafee are planning to poach some of the employees of Michael Prince Capital. They worked together under Axe, and that nostalgia of camaraderie has remained with them.

Taylor informs Philip about this. At first, Philip doesn’t want to stop Ben Kim and Tuk Lal if they want to leave, but Taylor ultimately makes him understand the value of these two employees. Taylor and Philip confront “Dollar” Bill and Mafee with Ben Kim and Tuk Lal in the room. Taylor threatens the former two and convinces the latter two to stay, impressing Philip. Taylor and Philip are on an inevitable collision course because of who they are. However, for now, their collaboration is proving to be mutually beneficial.

Billions Season 6 Episode 9 Ending: Is Chuck Fired from His Position as the New York Attorney General?

As Chuck took the Olympics from him, Mike decides to remove the other man from his position of power. As the Attorney General of New York, Chuck is a controversial figure. He has pursued his own interpretation of justice throughout his career and has always trodden the line between legality and illegality. The public likely knows this. But they also know that he is their best chance against the rich and powerful, especially with his new resolutions that call for the complete dissolution of the billionaire class.

The problem is that when someone goes after the job creators, the ordinary people are ultimately affected. And perhaps this is why Chuck is a divisive figure. In his attempt to remove Chuck from his position as the Attorney General, Mike first reaches out to the potential opponent of Governor Sweeney. The latter gets the intended message and begins a no-confidence motion against Chuck in the State Senate.

It is later revealed that Mike wanted to divert Chuck’s attention from what he was doing, so he waved the issue with the Vanderbilt Park in front of the other man and his team. They took the bait and went after the park’s board of trustees. When they realized what was happening, it was already too late. Mike even convinces State Senator Clay Tharp, a staunch supporter of Chuck, to switch sides by forcing Sweeney to withdraw funding from the senator’s constituency.

In front of the State Senate, Chuck delivers an impassioned speech in his defense, vilifying Prince and asserting his own position to be the correct one. It convinces some senators — but not enough — and Chuck is fired as the Attorney General. Prince seems to think that this is the end of their war, but he should know better. He himself didn’t stop after losing the Olympics. So, there is no reason to believe that Chuck will stop either. Prince has definitely won this battle, but the war is far from over.

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