Bre Tiesi Net Worth: How Rich is the Selling Sunset Star?

Although most people only know Breana “Bre” Tiesi as either FCF quarterback Johnny Manziel’s ex-wife or television host-comedian Nick Cannon’s baby mama, the truth is she is so much more. After all, her priorities have always been financial independence — she admittedly never was or wants to rely upon a partner to provide for her and her son Legendary Love Cannon (June 2022). So now that a bit of her work ethic has also been highlighted through Netflix’s ‘Selling Sunset,’ let’s find out more about her career trajectory, experiences, as well as overall net worth, shall we?

How Did Bre Tiesi Earn Her Money?

It was reportedly back when Calabasas, California, native Bre was a mere teenager in high school that she kickstarted her career in the entertainment world as a local model by pure chance. “I had never in a million years even considered or thought about it,” she once candidly told E! News. “I actually started dating somebody, and he was in the industry… I was 16, and his mom was like, ‘You should model.’ I was like, ‘Oh, I don’t know. I think I actually want to be a surgical technician.’ And she’s like, ‘No! There’s not enough money in that.’… I became the spokesmodel of Rockstar Energy for two years. I just dove in, and then from there, it just kept rolling and carried on.”

The truth is hailing from Los Angeles County also helped Bre along the way since “the hustle is a different level here. So you just gotta make it. How bad do you want it? Is your ego, your emotions, and your feelings more important than your success? Because mine wasn’t.” She was thus able to land a myriad of projects over the years, that is, until she decided it was time for a complete change as her heart wasn’t in it anymore — this led her to earn her real estate license in 2017.

However, it wasn’t until Bre’s divorce from Johnny Manziel was finalized in 2021 that she really began pursuing a position in the world of handling luxurious properties with the help of her connections. “I wanted to transition out of modeling and start setting myself up for a long-term career,” she told People in 2022. “I started taking it more seriously and tapping into my network, and that’s when I started making some high-figure sales. As amazing as modeling was as an industry for me, I was just kind of over it… So, I’m like, it’s time to be a big girl!”

“I really dove in and I have all these amazing clients with double-digit homes,” Bre further explained in an interview with E! News. “…I love the whole process. I love the negotiations, the interior design, and just the luxury in the houses. And, of course, just the investment side and really learning the difference in the business and having your own assets.” Plus, according to reports, she only joined The Oppenheim Group in 2022 following a stint at Keller Williams Beverly Hills because she’d realized the former was much more lucrative in the long run.

Then comes the fact Bre apparently had over $20 million in sales in her first year of practice itself, which is primarily due to the fact her “clientele is top clientele. We’re talking athletes, billionaires, money dudes.” In ‘Selling Sunset’ season 6, she even said, “For me, I don’t really come to work unless we’re talking $15 million plus… I’m not just some girl in LA that’s looking cute and posting on Instagram, so… I’m going to do everything I can to be the best mom, but if I don’t work, I would go crazy. I just love what I do. I’m all about my own money and my own name.”

Bre Tiesi’s Net Worth

Well, to really ascertain the wealth Bre has accumulated over the past 16+ years as a professional, we first need to delve into her exact earnings, her assets, as well as her general lifestyle. First things first, since the average income of a model in the 2010s was roughly $40,000 per year, we believe she made a similar amount to lead a rather comfortable yet driven life during her days in entertainment. As for her commissions as a realtor, that is actually 3% within the luxury market in LA, meaning if she sells a $10 million home, she’ll get $300,000 as commission, which would then be split between her, any other agent involved, and their respective agencies. Therefore, per our calculations upon taking Bre’s passion for interior design, Body by Bre fitness program website, luxe lifestyle, and child into consideration, she currently has a net worth close to $2.5 million.

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