Brian Clark: Where is The Circle Contestant Now?

Netflix’s ‘The Circle ‘is a reality series you cannot keep your eyes away from. Building on the concept of social media, it welcomes several people to partake in a competition where they must become the most popular on a special interactive platform. In order to achieve their goals, the participants are allowed to create a fake persona, alter a few details about their lives, or simply be themselves. However, popularity can be a double-edged sword, and everybody on the show is ready to win it, no matter the circumstances.

The recently aired fifth season was thus no different, and the viewers got to see some amazing cast members who were nothing short of entertaining. This included Brian Clark, who added to the intrigue of the production by lying to his fellow participants about who he is — he played as his daughter Brittney. Naturally, people are curious about his current whereabouts, and we are here to discuss the same!

Brian Clark’s The Circle Journey

As soon as Brian Clark stepped into ‘The Circle,’ the 47-year-old fraud investigator made it clear that he often uses social media to find out the truth about a person. Yet, he himself chose to take a different route on the show by playing as a catfish. Instead of being genuine about himself, he decided to create a fake profile under the name of his daughter, Brittney. After all, he believed the persona of a young single mother was sure to win some brownie points with others — something his reality might not have helped him achieve.

However, impersonating someone you are not is far from an easy task. While Brian was focused on maintaining bonds and not giving himself away, other participants slowly started to feel like they did not know much about Brittney. Given that the show is a popularity contest, in a nutshell, not having people on your side is never a good sign. Therefore, slowly but surely, many of the competitors realized Brittney was not being forthcoming with personal details and hence could be a catfish.

During a game of truth and dare, the heat on Brian became even worse as people confessed they found Brittney both boring and annoying. This certainly remained on everyone’s minds during the next ratings, leading to her position being right at the bottom. Influencers Chaz Lawery and Raven Sutton then had to choose who to eliminate between Brittney and Bruno (Billie-Jean Blackett), but it wasn’t easy. In the end, following much discussion, they decided on the former. When the time came for Brian to meet one other contestant, he chose Raven, given their recent heart-to-heart and his admiration for her strength.

Where is Brian Clark Now?

Based in Portland, Oregon, Brian Clark appears to be enjoying life to the fullest at the moment. Even though he still seemingly works as a fraud investigator, he has taken to social media like a duck to water and is a proud, self-proclaimed “dadfluencer.” He often posts a variety of content on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, providing fans with a glimpse into his everyday life. He’s also an avid traveler and has been to many places around the world, including Spain and Costa Rica.

Brian’s companion in his travels is none other than his life partner Amber. In fact, the couple got engaged in August of 2022, much to the joy of their loved ones. The two have always been open about their affection for each other and honestly seem to be looking forward to their life as a married couple. Apart from traveling, Brian and Amber also seem to have a shared love for good food and soccer, for which they often attend festivals as well as live matches.

As it turns out, Brian is a proud supporter of Portland Thorns and Portland Timbers; the women’s and men’s soccer teams based out of Portland. In fact, he and Amber can often be found at Providence Park, enjoying a good match. It also comes as no surprise that Brian is close to his daughter Brittney (the very same he impersonated on the show) and his granddaughter Riley. We should also mention that despite his early elimination, his enthusiasm for this Netflix series as well as his appearance in the same has not dimmed in the slightest.

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