Bruce Willis to Star in Action Thriller ‘The Long Night’

Bruce Willis is back in his home turf with the upcoming action thriller ‘The Long Night.’ The actor is all set to star in the movie directed by Matt Eskandari from a screenplay by Doug Wolfe. ‘The Long Night’ marks the 16th collaboration between Willis and producers Randall Emmett and George Furla. It’s also the second outing of director Eskandari with the Emmett/Furla/Oasis Films CEOs and co-founders.

According to Deadline, ‘The Long Night’ follows two deadly criminals who break into a doctor’s home seeking emergency medical care for one of them. They are on the run and injured badly after a fierce exchange of fire with the cops. But the doctor is not what they think. The disgraced physician neither has the expertise nor the confidence to treat the rogues. But he has to protect his family at any cost and all he has to rely on are his medicines. More details about the plot and Willis’ role in it are not revealed yet.

Emmett and Furla produce the action flick while Tim Sullivan, Alex Eckert and Ted Fox serving as executive producers. Highland Film Group handles the sales of ‘The Long Night’ at Cannes. Willis and director Eskandari’s first collaboration, ‘Trauma Center’ is in the post-production stage. The movie, which is touted as an action comedy, stars actress Nicky Whelan along with Willis.

‘Trauma Center’ is written by Paul da Silva and MoviePass’ Randall Emmett, George Furla and Lydia Hull produce the flick. The movie is part of a three-film deal Willis recently locked with MoviePass Films. Willis has made more than ten movies in association with Emmett and Furla. Their 2011 movie, ‘Catch .44’ has garnered mixed to positive reviews.

Meanwhile, Willis’ cinematic oeuvre has grossed over $7.5B worldwide. The 2019 movie, ‘Glass,’ which is written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan, has grossed close to $247M worldwide. As a crossover and a sequel at the same time for Shyamalan’s previous hits ‘Unbreakable‘ (2000) and ‘Split‘ (2016), ‘Glass’ brings together the characters of Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson and Spencer Treat Clark from ‘Unbreakable’ and James McAvoy and Anya Taylor-Joy characters from ‘Split.’

The ‘Die-Hard’ actor will be next seen in the Edward Norton directorial ‘Motherless Brooklyn.’ The Warner Bros. crime-drama features Willis alongside Willem Dafoe, Alec Baldwin, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Leslie Mann, and Bobby Cannavale. Set in New York City of the ’50s, ‘Motherless Brooklyn’ follows Lionel Essrog, played by Willem Dafoe, a desperate and lonely private detective with Tourette’s Syndrome. Despite his ailment and depression, Essrog embarks on an adventure to solve the murder mystery of his mentor and best friend, Frank Minna, played by Willis. The movie is slated for a November 1, 2019 release.