Bunny Eyez Shark Tank Update: Redefining the Concept of Eyewear

Elevating the spectrum of visuals, Bunny Eyez displays the height of innovation in season 15, episode 7 of ‘Shark Tank.’ The ABC reality series chronicles the journey of entrepreneurs as they seek investment from angel investors and VCs. Jenny Hutt and Stacy Fritz champion the spirit of the entrepreneurial venture by displaying the unique deliverables of their brand, Bunny Eyez. The company seeks to change the way people use glasses. By implementing technology to enhance functionality, the sisters and co-founders present their brand’s unique deliverables. In the hopes of disrupting the eyewear industry, Jenny and Stacy took several risks. Given their presentation on the show, fans have continued to wonder more about the people behind the company.

Bunny Eyez: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Innovation is born out of necessity, which turns true for sisters Stacy Fritz and Jenny Hutt. The family-turned-entrepreneurs had their eureka moment when they were getting their hair done in a salon. The women were wearing reading glasses but couldn’t manoeuver the eyewear to their comfort. The added discomfort of hair coloring dropping onto the glasses made things even more complicated. Given the incredulous nature of the situation, the sisters realized they needed a product that could put their problems at ease. While the two were inspired by the tilting capacity of opera glasses, they eventually ended up creating their trademark technology. Through research, time, and investment, Stacy and Jenny managed to come up with a prototype that would solve their issues and help them do things without getting interrupted.

Bunny Eyez - Shark Tank Blog

The women included a patented black diamond hinge technology to give Bunny Eyez its unique deliverable. Consumers could now wear their reading glasses and even flip their temples for an entirely different experience. The sisters ended up naming the company after their heavenly mother, Bunny Kopleman. Having lost their dear matriarch to pancreatic cancer, the two sisters wanted to pay homage to the intelligence and dedication of their mother. In addition to keeping their mother’s memory alive, the sisters also created a product that would not restrain users and allow them to continue performing different tasks. While reading glasses are useful, they can be a hassle when people wear them while cooking, giving a presentation, or doing anything else that may interrupt their usage. To help people continue their work and multitask, the sisters’ innovation sought to redirect the trajectory of the eyewear industry.

Where is Bunny Eyes Today?

Bunny Eyez continues to find new ways to elevate its business under the leadership of sisters and founders Stacy Fritz and Jenny Hutt. Consumers can find an array of reading glasses included with their patented black diamond hinge technology on their website. The company has taken the needs, requirements, and preferences of the customer in mind, too. As such, users can avail their glasses in ten different shapes.

Reading glasses for both men and women are available on the website in a myriad of colors and shapes. While functionality is at the basis of its invention, the brand also takes style and versatility into account. Users can wear the brand’s product straight on. Not just this, they can even tilt the glasses and wear them like opera glasses. Given the unique ways in which a pair of eyewear can be used, it is apparent that Bunny Eyez continues to grow and garner the love of consumers.

The company’s unique product has been loved by customers far and wide. From getting positive reviews on its website to winning the trust of customers on Amazon, the company has made a considerable difference in the eyewear industry already. While their product has been loved by a wide range of clientele, media and television personalities have also found an affinity for their product. ‘The Big Bang Theory’ starrer Kaley Cuoco and ‘Gossip Girl’ narrator Kristen Bell have also shown their fascination with the product. Other celebrities like Debra Messing and Hoda Kotb have also tried on the company’s glasses.

The team has seen a monumental rise and has appeared on esteemed publications and news channels like WNBC, Today News, WNYW, and The Oprah Magazine. While the company’s product has been designed to elevate convenience, the brand’s policy has also made consumers come back for more. From free shipping above $50 to easy returns, the clientele can easily peruse between lenses like readers, blue right readers, sunglass readers, and prescription-compatible lenses.

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