Car Masters Rust to Riches: 8 Car Shows That Are Just As Good

Netflix’s ‘Car Masters: Rust to Riches’ is all about turning complete rust buckets worth barely a grand, into sleek and stylish roaring machines machines sold for six figures. The crew performing the transformative feat is the California-based Gotham Garages, men and women who are the best of the best in car restorations. The series follows these varied individuals as they take up seemingly impossible restoration jobs and proceed to make them the envy of the road. Watching the magic unfold right before our eyes, the series scratches every mechanical itch out there and becomes an incredibly cathartic experience, which can be continued by similar car connoisseur shows.

8. Lost Car Rescue (2021-)

The aptly named ‘Lost Car Rescue’ does exactly that, finds ancient relics of vehicles abandoned or lost to time, dig, wrench, or airlifts them out, to restorers them to their former glory. Each episode showcases the team’s dedication as they scour abandoned barns, fields, and remote areas from a bird’s eye view with their airplane, in pursuit of rare and valuable automotive treasures. The series not only celebrates the passion for automotive restoration similar to ‘Car Masters: Rust to Riches,’ but thoroughly entertains with the team’s antics in trying to pry out relics buried in the sands of time.

7. Drive Hard: The Maloof Way (2022-)

The Maloof family is not one to take things lightly; they build the fastest cars they possibly can, and race them even faster. Daredevils and gearheads to the bone, ‘Drive Hard: The Maloof Way’ follows these men and women as they take themselves and their vehicles to the extreme. Sammy Maloof leads his family in these efforts, with each member bringing personality, and plenty of skill to the table. The Netflix series takes the mechanical satisfaction of ‘Car Masters: Rust to Riches’, by building an absolute beast, and fulfills its purpose with stunts, drag races, and even further modifications.

6. Chasing Classic Cars (2008-)

A long-running show on the Discovery channel, ‘Chasing Classic Cars,’ is hosted by the master car restorer and collector, Wayne Carrini. Episodes follow Wayne in his efforts to locate rare vehicles, refurbish them, and sell them for a profit, also seen in ‘Car Masters: Rust to Riches.’ However, for Carrini, the story goes much further. He seeks out truly exotic cars and takes us into the illustrious world of auctioneering, where he bids on, as well as sells his prized vintage restorations. It’s all about class, style, and business pazzazz, and ‘Chasing Classic Cars’ delivers by the tankful.

5. Wheeler Dealers (2003-)

‘Wheeler Dealers’ takes us on a deep dive into the car purchasing and restoration scene. Mike Brewer is the brains behind the operation, on the lookout for any classics that are on offer, pouring through websites, forums, chat rooms, and communities to find the perfect deal. Once he finds said battered vehicle, it is on to his counterpart mechanics to get to work, before Mike steals the show once more by driving the antiques, appreciating their history, and then selling them for a mean profit. For those who enjoyed ‘Car Masters: Rust to Riches,’ Wheelers Dealers covers all the bases and is a laid-back classic you can’t go wrong with.

4. Rust Valley Restores (2018-)

An avid car enthusiast since his teenage years, Mike Hall built up a collection of 400 hundred cars over the years. Now he is finally getting around to restoring them and selling them for a profit. Flanked by his friend and his son in his efforts, the determined crew runs Rust Bro Restorations in Tappen, British Columbia, also known as Rust Valley. The area is an old car junkyard with lines of rusting cars stretching far and wide, a true car restorer’s dream.

The team working together is extremely likable, and one can’t help but root for them in making their dreams come true. Unlike ‘Car Masters: Rust to Riches,’ Mike tries to sell his cars much closer to the average person’s budget, creating a bigger challenge for him, and a gripping journey in each episode.

3. Overhaulin’ (2004-)

‘Overhaulin’’ is a car restoration show with a heartwarming twist. In every episode, a person owning an old or antique car is targeted by the showrunners in the confidence of their friends and family. They act as insiders while the hosts make the old car disappear, leading the target to think it was stolen, impounded, or seized. The A-team of about a dozen mechanics gets to work like a pitstop crew to restore and upgrade the car into a gleaming unique custom piece. Finally, the depressed car owner is presented with their overhauled car, leading to jubilant and often sentimental moments. Regardless of how much you liked ‘Car Masters: Rust to Riches,’ this show is sure to put a smile on your face by the end of each episode.

2. Pimp My Ride (2004–2009)

Over the top, outrageous, and positively mind-blowing, ‘Pimp My Ride’ takes dilapidated vehicles of regular people, and truly pimps them out to the extreme. The MTV show was hosted by the former rapper and chilled-out MC, Xzibit, along with the hype machine, Mad Mike, both of whom perfectly complement each other as they show their stunned guests all the new features and quirks of their transformed car.

Turning the backs of cars into CAT scanners, snow cone makers, or adorning its hood with 70-carat diamonds; ‘Pimp My Ride’ is all about the shock factor and the glamour. The show can even be recommended to those with no interest in cars, because of its wide appeal and undeniable entertainment factor.

1. Tex Mex Motors (2023-)

With the demand for vintage and classic cars reaching a new high point, restoration experts found it nearly impossible to make large profits. ‘Tex Mex Motors’ follows some such experts from El Paso, who had the brilliant idea to venture into the untapped car markets in Mexico to find rare abandoned vehicles. The crew ventures into a cross-border expedition, finds diamonds in the rough, and brings them back to be restored.

The mechanics refine their treasure to the extreme, looking to attract buyers willing to pay top dollar for the custom rides. The rush from coming across a rare find, the satisfaction in watching it transform, and the exhilaration of selling it for an unholy profit; for those who liked ‘Car Masters: Rust to Riches,’ Netflix’s ‘Tex Mex Motors’ is an incredibly cathartic must-watch.

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