Casey Craig: The Winter House Star is Into Crypto and Skiing

Image Credit: Casey Craig/Instagram

Partaking in a winter sojourn, Casey Craig travels to Steamboat Springs, Colorado, for a two-week getaway in Bravo’s ‘Winter House.’ She takes on a whirlwind journey of love, friendship, and fun with familiar faces of ‘Summer House,’ ‘Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard,’ and ‘Below Deck.’ Encompassed by a snowy blanket, the members embark on adventures and encounter dramatic situations at every turn. Gracing the screens of reality television for the first time, Casey Craig has made fans curious with her vivacious personality. So, if you’re also wondering more about the reality star and curious to know more, look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Casey Craig is a Skiing Prodigy

Born on December 13, 1991, a young Casey accrued a myriad of experiences growing up. She amassed a treasure chest of memories along with her younger brother, Patrick. Under the loving guidance of her parents, Tommy and Kim Craig, she attended the Gould Academy to facilitate her progress as a young woman. From a young age, the television personality shared a passion for sports. Naturally, her foray into skiing wasn’t surprising.

In 2009, the then-sophomore competed in the halfpipe of the U.S. Freestyle Championships in Squaw Valley, California. Casey continues to share her passion for the slopes years later. After finishing her high school education in 2011, she enrolled in the University of Colorado Boulder and earned her Bachelor’s in English Language and Literature.

Casey Craig Has Made Her Mark as a Cryptocurrency Expert

Before embracing the charms of reality television, Casey exhibited proficiency in another profession. After securing her Bachelor’s, she found a footing as a model. Formerly an intern at The New York Times, she gravitated toward new opportunities. After leaving behind her career as a model in Denver, Casey relocated to New York, where she began her journey in finance and its intermediaries. In 2017, she joined hands with Wachsman as an Account Executive in cryptocurrency and Blockchain.

In her year-long stint with the company, she didn’t just hold the reins of account management but also understood the industry’s intricacies. Later, she worked at Sparkpr as a Senior Account Executive. After a concentrated understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain, Casey decided to expand her skillset and use her experience to dabble in other industries. Finally, in 2019, she joined hands with Publicis Sapient and began her journey as a Public Relations Manager in Financial Services and Technology.

Having learned the ins and outs of marketing and publicity, Casey started working at the CoinDesk as the Global Head of Communications. Her interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain further fueled her passion to succeed in her new role. She has since gained an intersectional understanding of marketing and cryptocurrency. Earlier this year, she joined hands with UkraineInvest and started working as a Strategic Advisor for the organization.

Besides having familiarized herself with a streak of experiences, Casey has also shared a passion for skiing. In addition to working as a cryptocurrency professional and sharing her insights on the growing developments around it, she has also devoted significant time to excelling on the slopes. Once a competitive skier, Casey is not foreign to displaying a competitive nature on the mountains.

Casey Craig Likes to Keep Her Love Life Under Wraps

While Casey Craig hasn’t publicly announced nor confirmed the status of her relationship, it seems that the reality star is especially taken with Christopher Heyn, a creative based in New York. Like Casey, Christopher also commands a significant following on Instagram. He is the founder of Havoc Henry, a fashion and lifestyle brand that pays homage to designs of yore. The company is known for housing apparel and accessories that reflect the styles of Ralph Lauren, Newport Brach Prep, and California Surfers. Sporting the merchandise from Christopher’s brand, Casey has taken to her Instagram in the past to highlight the company’s hats.

While the reality star has remained decidedly quiet on matters of her romantic life, it seems that she and Christopher are quite close. Despite keeping the details and nature of their relationship under wraps, Christopher and Casey have dropped significant hints regarding their connection. In a post made in the summer of 2022, the entrepreneur posted a photo of him, Casey, and her dog, Roo, captioning the shot, “Modern family.” Not just this, Casey also commented on the post and said, “Hot parents.”

Another likely hint of their deep connection is proved in a picture posted by Christopher, whose caption read, “Mary Jane & Peter Parker.” Given the romantic nature of the ‘Spider-Man’ characters, it is likely that Christopher and Casey share the same bond. So, even though Casey Craig hasn’t been explicit about the nature of her romantic status, it stands to reason that she and Christopher share a close relationship. Naturally, we await all the milestones that await the supposed couple in the future!

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