Cely and Eyal: Is The Love Island Games Couple Still Together?

There are multiple reasons why we have come to love Peacock’s ‘Love Island Games‘ so much, and its star-studded cast is one of them. Hence, seeing our favorites from across the ‘Love Island‘ franchise come together and fall in love with each other is something we simply can’t get enough of. As such, it is hardly a wonder that the on-screen pairing of Cely Vazquez and Eyal Booker has garnered so much of the world’s attention. Now that the first season of the series has come to a thrilling end, people have become quite curious about whether or not the romance between Cekly and Eyal continues to thrive even today.

Cely and Eyal’s Love Island Games Journey

Cely Vazquez was among the first batch of contestants that entered the very first season of ‘Love Island Games’ in hopes of finding love. Already famous for her second-place performance in ‘Love Island USA‘ season 2, she was glad to be partnered with Toby Aromolaran after the very first challenge. However, things took an unexpected turn for her with the entry of Johnny Middlebrooks, her former partner, given how the two were seemingly not on the best of terms.

Nevertheless, Cely stayed strong in her loyalty to Toby until the entry of Eyal Booker and Georgia Steel into the villa. The former was a participant in ‘Love Island UK’ season 4 and saved Cely from elimination while Georgia paired up with Toby. Though Cely found herself gravitating towards Eyal, she had also come to care for Toby and was torn between the two men. Things came to a head when Georgia revealed to everyone that Toby apparently thought that Cely was faking her feelings for him, an accusation that the latter did not appreciate, allowing her to fully commit to Eyal.

From this point onward, Cely and Eyal’s journey was spent by each other’s side for the most part. The only time they were not coupled together was when Callum Hole and Liberty Poole shuffled up all the pairs, making Cely and Eyal partner up with Raymond “Ray” Gantt and Imani Wheeler. However, at the next recoupling ceremony, Eyal wasted no time in getting back together with Cely, showcasing just how dedicated the two were to each other.

Thanks to their closeness to Jack Fowler and Justine Ndiba, Cely and Eyal were part of a powerful block in the competition, though that did mean that they ended up earning several rivals. While the two did make it to the semi-finals, they now relied on the votes of previously eliminated participants to win a position in the finals, which they unfortunately were not able to do. This marked the end of their journey in the show, though that did not stop them from cheering their friends on during the finals.

Cely and Eyal Have Not Talked About Their Relationship

As of writing, Cely Vazquez and Eyal Booker have yet to share an update about their status as a couple. The two have not been seen together much since their time on the show, which has made many people wonder if the two decided to separate. Among the many reasons why they might have decided to call it quits, the fact that Eyal spends a significant time in London, England, while Cely lives in Los Angeles, California, could be one, though Eyal seemingly also lives in Los Angeles.

Both Cely and Eyal follow each other on Instagram and seem to be on amicable terms. In one of Cely’s posts related to the Peacock show, Eyal is featured multiple times, and he himself showcased his appreciation for his on-screen partner in the comment section by stating, “She cooked, she ate, she cleaned her plate.” While there are many reports that the couple has decided to call it quits, much to the disappointment of their fans, the reality TV stars themselves seem to be doing well and are enjoying all the support they have gotten from the public.

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