Choose Love: Do Cami and Paul End Up Together?

In Netflix’s interactive rom-com film ‘Choose Love,’ directed by Stuart McDonald, viewers can shape the lead character, Cami Conway’s perfect ending with a series of choices. A psychic reading sets the stage for a triple-pronged fork in Cami’s path, establishing that the following days will offer her choices with drastic implications in her life, leading her toward her destiny. As Jack, Cami’s old high school sweetheart, and Rex, a renowned rockstar, enter Cami’s life, her relationship with Paul, her long-term boyfriend, complicates, forcing her to choose between three different walks of life.

Although Cami and Paul start out strong, their relationship is put to the test, as Cami doubts her happiness with Paul after developing an attraction toward Jack and Rex. Therefore, if you’ve been rooting for Cami and Paul from the start, you must be curious to know if the pair find their way back to each other and what it means for their relationship. Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Do Cami And Paul End Up Together?

At the film’s start, Cami and Paul have been together for three years. They are seamlessly in sync with each other and make a great team. However, Cami’s commitment issues prevent her from putting her unwavering faith in the relationship. As a result, the couple has yet to even move in together despite their multiple years together. Due to the same, Cami, unsure about her life’s current standing, visits a psychic to see what the future has in store for her.

However, when the tarot card reading suggests that her upcoming decisions in her love life will have long-lasting ramifications in her life, it throws Cami off her balance. Cami’s parents divorced when she was young, only to end up back together later in the future. Consequently, their tumultuous relationship affected Cami’s perception of a forever romance. As such, when the time comes and she crosses paths with Rex and Jack, Cami starts wondering if one of the two men is better suited for her than Paul.

Paul, unaware of Cami’s hesitancy, plans to propose to her at a romantic dinner in a fancy restaurant. However, once Cami suspects the same, she makes an excuse to skip the dinner, not yet prepared to turn Paul down. Still, Paul discovers Cami’s reluctance to marry him during an escape room escapade, leading the couple to take a break from their relationship. Following the same, Cami gets the opportunity to get closer to Rex and Jack, which takes her toward different endings, depending on the viewer’s choices.

Ultimately, a dream sequence offers the viewer a straightforward choice between Cami’s three suitors. If Cami chooses Paul in the same, she wakes up with the realization that she’s always been in love with Paul and truly belongs with him. Cami has been letting her fears cloud a relationship that she truly cherishes, even during the more mundane aspects of life. As a result, she drives to Paul’s house the next morning in hopes of fixing their relationship. In turn, Paul takes a chance on them and proposes to Cami regardless of her previous reaction to the idea of marriage. In this ending, Cami and Paul end up together, happily engaged.

Similarly, another ending put into motion by different choices finds Cami in Las Vegas. Paul, taking a gamble, reaches out to her in a grand romantic gesture. Different decisions can lead Cami toward any of the three men in Vegas. If she chooses to return to Paul, the latter proposes to her with the same ring she freaked out over at the escape room. After Cami accepts the proposal, the couple decide to marry each other at a chapel in Vegas on the same day.

Their wedding is attended solely by Rex, who happily holds up the phone to include Cami’s sister and brother-in-law in the ceremony. Therefore, in the end, if the viewer chooses Paul, Cami finds a classic happy ending. Having overcome her indecisiveness, Cami realizes that her happily ever after has been standing in front of her the whole time.

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