Choose Love: Do Cami and Jack End Up Together?

Netflix’s interactive rom-com film ‘Choose Love,’ directed by Stuart McDonald, is a fun and flirty story where viewers get to choose the protagonist’s destiny. Cami Conway is a young recording engineer with dreams of making it big in the music industry. After a random tarot card reading, Cami discovers that the coming days will bring life-altering choices and lead her love life in drastically different directions.

Guided by the viewer, Cami navigates a tricky situation after finding herself presented with three suitors: her long-term boyfriend, Paul, an attractive rockstar, Rex, and Jack, an old flame. Throughout the film, the chemistry between Jack and Cami remains electric, with their history informing their profound connection with one another. Therefore, viewers must be wondering if and how things work out for Cami if her story ends in a happily ever after with Jack. Read on to find out! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Do Cami And Jack End Up Together?

Cami begins her journey into the wildest few days of her life with a psychic reading to help her get a definitive answer about her future. Cami feels restless and unfulfilled despite having a seemingly picture-perfect life with a steady job and a loving boyfriend. Simply put, Cami is yearning for more meaning in her life and hopes to find a quick-fix answer. As such, the psychic’s revelation that the coming days will bring options that will have great ramifications on Cami’s life only muddles things up for her further.

Yet, the reading stands true when Cami runs into Jack Menna while dropping her niece off at school. Forever cemented in Cami’s memories as the one that got away, Jack is a free-spirit activist who travels around the world to make a difference. Cami and Jack were high school sweethearts who parted ways after life took them in different directions. Since Cami has been doubting her current life for some time already, her chance meeting with Jack inevitably makes her question her relationship with Paul, leading to a break.

Eventually, after the viewer makes a series of choices, each decision either pushing Cami toward Paul, Rex, and Jack or taking her away from them, the young woman travels to Las Vegas to partake in a protest alongside Jack. While the duo drive to the location, Cami and Jack get to know each other better, catching up to make up for the lost years. At the picket line, Cami runs into Rex, who is performing at a party at the same hotel where Cami and the others are protesting. If Cami chooses to stay with Jack, continuing her protest against a refugee shelter’s poor conditions, Paul eventually approaches her.

Near the end, Paul, who flew to Las Vegas after realizing he couldn’t let her slip away from him, urges her to look past her commitment issues and bet on their future together. As Paul proposes, Jack steps in, confessing the depths of his own feelings. Even though the pair were together for a brief moment in the past, Jack is sure that their love is real and cannot be overlooked. With a crucial choice on their hands, the viewer can choose for Cami to reject Paul’s proposal and pick a future with Jack. With the same, Cami dives headfirst back into a relationship with her former high school boyfriend.

Still, the pair have some key differences to work out, like their conflicting opinions on having kids in the future. However, Jack is quick to change his mind. With Jack, Cami finds a whirlwind romance that ends up becoming her teenage dream come true. Furthermore, Cami finds a way to change the world one protest at a time, which will bring a new sense of fulfillment to her life. Due to the film’s interactive feature, the ending depends entirely on the viewers and the choices they make for Cami. Therefore, by making a few crucial choices on Cami’s behalf that act in Jack’s favor, you can ensure the couple makes it to the end together.

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