Choose Love Ending, Explained: Who Does Cami End Up With?

Netflix’s ‘Choose Love’ is a romantic comedy movie with an interactive touch that puts viewers in the shoes of Cami Conway, a confused young woman searching for a fulfilling life. The film is directed by Stuart McDonald and written by Josann McGibbon. It allows viewers to make choices for Cami as she must navigate personal and professional challenges when she gets a cryptic clue from a psychic. Given the movie’s interactive nature, viewers must be curious to learn which endings they can unlock in ‘Choose Love’ and what it means for Cami’s fate. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Choose Love Plot Synopsis

‘Choose Love’ follows the story of Cami Conway, a 20-something recording engineer from Los Angeles, who is going through a stagnant period in her life. Cami visits her psychic to gain some clarity. Cami is in a serious relationship with her long-term boyfriend, Paul Swartz, a lawyer. However, she also cares about changing the world and furthering her career to become her own boss. Cami learns that three potential suitors will pursue her, but her fate is ultimately in her own hands. Cami is surprised at the revelation and returns home.

The following day, Cami turns into Jack Menna while dropping off her niece at school. Cami and Jack were high school sweethearts who broke up after Jack left to pursue his humanitarian goals. However, Cami still has some unresolved feelings for him and seeks closure, which inadvertently brings them closer. On the other hand, it is evident that Cami loves Paul, and they make a solid team, with the latter offering a stable future. Meanwhile, Cami meets rockstar Rex Galier, who is at her studio recording a song.

After Cami shares her feelings about Rex’s music, he is impressed with her and invites Cami to work with him. At the same time, Cami discovers that Paul is preparing to propose to her. As a result, Cami freaks out as she is uncertain about her and Paul’s romantic future. Therefore, she ends up canceling her dinner date with Paul. Eventually, Cami is forced to confront her true feelings about each of her suitors and make a choice after all three appear in her dream. Ultimately, the viewers must choose who Cami ends up with based on her interactions with Paul, Jack, and Rex.

Choose Love Ending: Who Does Cami End Up With?

When viewers are introduced to Cami, she is a confused woman like anyone in her 20s. Although she has a seemingly perfect life, with a good job and a caring boyfriend, Cami feels something is missing. Therefore, Cami searches for answers through a psychic’s help. When encountering two new suitors, Cami goes down an exciting new path with several turns and twists defined by the viewer’s choice. However, the viewers and, in turn, Cami must decide the missing thing that will lead to a fulfilling life. The film’s climax leads to six different endings, revealing Cami’s fate and what she ultimately finds in life.

Ending 1 and 2: Ends Up With Paul

Paul Swartz is Cami’s long-term boyfriend, and they have been together for almost three years. However, Cami’s lack of clarity in life affects their relationship, especially after Cami realizes she is not yet ready to commit. As a result, the narrative can go down different routes based on the viewer’s choices. However, one of the endings viewers can arrive at is Cami realizing she has everything she wanted in life with Paul. As a result, Cami accepts Paul’s proposal despite them taking a break. In the first version of Cami ending up with Paul, she accepts the proposal, and they get engaged, committing to a future together. In the second version, Paul proposes to Cami in Las Vegas, and they get married in the hotel, living happily ever after.

Ending 3 and 4: Ends Up With Rex

Rex Galier is a music superstar who meets Cami at the recording studio where she works. After an awkward first interaction, Rex and Cami strike a chord and develop undeniable chemistry. Furthermore, being around Rex pushes Cami to pursue her professional dreams. Cami finds it exciting to enter the world of a professional musician, and Rex appreciates Cami’s talent. Ultimately, Cami goes to Las Vegas with Rex for a gig, where the latter offers her a chance to become his companion and explore her musical side. In one version of the ending, Cami accepts, and she and Rex fly to Paris, where they kiss, hinting at a long romantic future together. The other version sees Cami turning down Rex’s romantic approach to keep a professional relationship. They hit the dance floor, leaving the possibility of a romance between them still open.

Ending 5: Ends Up With Jack

Jack Menna is Cami’s former high school sweetheart, but their relationship ended when they went separate ways in life. Over the film’s course, Cami gets reacquainted with Jack, and her desire to find closure for their breakup draws her close to her ex-boyfriend. Moreover, being with Jack fuels Cami’s desire to improve lives and the world. Ultimately, Cami finds herself in Las Vegas, where Jack is protesting for children’s rights. After joining Jack in the protests, he professes his love for Cami. In one version of the ending, Cami reciprocates Jack’s feelings, and they end up together. Cami and Jack decide to explore life one day at a time.

Ending 6: Ends Up Alone

The sixth and arguably the most empowering ending sees Cami becoming the master of her own destiny, as the psychic had suggested. After rejecting Paul’s proposal in Las Vegas, Cami is forced to contemplate whether she has a future with Jack. At this point, viewers can turn down Jack and choose Cami, focusing on herself and her career. Ultimately, Cami ends up alone in this version of the ending but better understands herself and what she seeks in life. As a result, she decides to continue exploring, which leads her to a casino where she tests her luck. However, we cut to the credits before seeing if Cami won the jackpot.


Ultimately, unlocking several happy endings leads the viewers to an additional dance sequence accompanied by the credits. However, through Cami’s story, the film reminds viewers to take the helm of their own destiny one choice at a time. Cami perfectly represents the confusion and shuffle of being in your 20s, where one can get lost between exploring life and seeking stability. Each of the viewers’ choices helps Cami navigate the confusion and arrive at a happy ending. The film’s multiple endings imply that a happily ever after is in our own hands, and everyone can define it for themselves.

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