Choose Love: Do Cami and Rex End Up Together?

‘Choose Love,’ Netflix’s romantic comedy film with Laura Marano as the lead, brings an entertaining and interactive love story where the viewers are responsible for making the protagonist’s decisions. The film follows Cami Conway, a young woman who’s still figuring her life out. With a secure, if uninspiring, job and a long-term boyfriend, she truly has it all. However, a psychic reading predicts a world of chaos in Cami’s future, wherein she will have to make significant choices about her love life that will forever change her life.

As such, when Cami runs into an old ex, Jack, and a dreamy musician, Rex, on the same day, it complicates her existing relationship with Paul, forcing her to make a choice. The film equips interactive features to have the viewers make choices for her and help her realize her perfect love story. Rex and Cami bond over their passion for music and get closer while creating art together. If you’re a fan of the pair, you must be curious to know if they get together by the film’s end. If so, here is everything you need to know about their relationship. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Rex’s Rockstar World Meets Cami’s Dreams

In her 20s, Cami is living a picturesque life with Paul Swartz, her boyfriend, and although her job isn’t the most exciting, it has the potential to grow into something she can love. Still, she feels the phantom ache of something missing from her life, which leads her to a psychic reading, seeking insight into her future. Nevertheless, Cami only walks out of the session more confused than before after the reader cryptically asserts that in the coming days, Cami will have to make life-changing decisions about her love life.

The next day, after accidentally running into her former high school boyfriend, Jack, Cami meets Rex Galier, a renowned rockstar. Due to an emergency, Rex has to record a session at Cami’s work studio. However, Cami’s boss, Dan, assigns the production to some other engineer, leaving Cami out of the loop. Still, Cami and Rex manage to cross paths, establishing a playful and flirty banter between each other.

Eventually, Rex, impressed by Cami’s candor and knowledge of music, asks Cami to work on his latest record. While workshopping Rex’s song, the musician discovers Cami’s singing talent and asks her to lend her harmonies to his song on the official album. Cami, who has always dreamed of being a singer, is thrilled by the opportunity. As the story progresses, the viewers must make crucial decisions for Cami during her interactions with Rex, Paul, and Jack. The same shapes Cami’s relationship with the three men, leading the woman to her final ending.

Rex offers Cami the chance to make her lifelong dream come true by inviting her to perform a gig with him at a party. If the viewer chooses to have Cami accompany Rex, they ensure a lavish, musical night for Cami, where she gets a glimpse of what being a musician can be like. With Rex, Cami is able to take more risks and do everything she has always wanted to do. Inversely, she helps Rex stay grounded despite his haywire life as a rockstar and offers him a chance at having a home, something he sorely lacks.

In the end, should the viewer decide to give Cami a happy ending with Rex, the pair give into their mutual attraction and fly off to Paris together. Jumping into a grand romance, Cami and Rex embark on a thrilling journey with one another. Nonetheless, even if the viewer’s choices do not lead Cami to Rex, the latter stays a part of her life in several other potential endings. Ultimately, Cami and Rex’s relationship is up to the viewer’s hand due to the film’s versatile nature and multiple alternate endings. As such, should you choose to give Cami a happily ever after with Rex, the couple will end up together, forever changing Cami’s life for the better.

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