Hallmark’s Ms. Christmas Comes to Town: Filming Locations and Cast Details

With Jason Bourque filling the director’s chair, Hallmark’s ‘Ms. Christmas Comes to Town’ is a holiday romantic drama film that centers upon a Holiday Shopping Channel (HSC) host, Gale Storm, who is better known as Ms. Christmas. Living up to her title, she tends to impart all things wonderful and hopeful come Christmas time. However, she receives a piece of rather hopeless and distressing news from her doctor — a terminal diagnosis. Following the news, Gale decides to retire after this year’s holiday season. In order to give a special farewell to Ms. Christmas, HSC decides to send her on a multi-city excursion and spread double the joyful surprises and Christmas cheers.

During her tour, Gale also crosses paths with her former fiancé James as he turns up at one of their stops unexpectedly. While Gale thinks the romance between them won’t be rekindled, fate might have other plans, which are likely to change her destiny. The inspiring and wholesome story unfolds in the snow-filled holiday setting, bringing Christmas early for the viewers. The interesting locations also make them curious about the actual filming sites of ‘Ms. Christmas Comes to Town.’ If you are one such curious soul, allow us to fill you in on all the necessary details!

Ms. Christmas Comes to Town Filming Locations

‘Ms. Christmas Comes to Town’ was filmed entirely in British Columbia, the westernmost province in the Great White North. Production of the lighthearted film specifically took place in Vancouver. Shooting commenced on May 29, 2022, and concluded after a few weeks of filming in mid-June of the same year. Let’s delve into more behind-the-scenes details of the film!

Vancouver, British Columbia

The filming of ‘Ms. Christmas Comes to Town’ was done in the seaside city of Vancouver in British Columbia. The production team likely set up camp in several areas in Vancity to tape the Christmas-themed movie. The taping went smoothly and the actors had a pleasant experience shooting the film. Sharing a heartwarming incident from the set, Barbara Niven wrote, “It is a rainy day on set today and we are trying to do our best to keep costumes and hair dry. It just adds an extra little bit of stress to everyone. I just got back to my trailer and discovered that our dear AD has gifted me with a perfect red rose from her garden. I am missing home and my own roses, so this really made me smile.”

Overall, the actress shared that she had a “blast” on set working with the talented cast and crew members. Reportedly one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Vancouver is a global filming destination for a variety of reasons. Apart from being home to multiple well-equipped and advanced production facilities, it also possesses skilled technicians, talented actors, picturesque natural scenery, breathtaking human-made attractions, tax incentives, and favorable weather to shoot a variety of projects.

Thus, all of these factors make it a hot spot for filmmaking and have earned it the colloquialism Hollywood North. Apart from ‘Ms. Christmas Comes To Town,’ Vancouver and its surrounding areas have also served as the shooting site for several projects set in and around the Yuletide season, such as ‘Picture a Perfect Christmas,’ ‘Hope at Christmas,’ ‘Christmas Joy,’ and ‘Christmas Town.’

Ms. Christmas Comes To Town Cast

In the Hallmark production, Barbara Niven dons the garb of Gale AKA Ms. Christmas, who is the the effervescent host of the Holiday Shopping Channel. A regular in Hallmark and Lifetime movies, the stunning actress is acclaimed for her performance in ‘Crossword Mysteries’ movie series, ‘Cedar Cove’ and ‘Chesapeake Shores.’ Her other popular works include ‘Pensacola: Wings of Gold,’ and ‘One Life to Live.’ Niven also has several holiday movies to her credit, such as ‘A Carol Christmas,’ ‘Christmas In Evergreen’ movie series, and ‘The Christmas Contest.’ Erica Durance joins the cast as Amanda. She is widely recognized for her portrayal of Lois Lane in ‘Smallville’  and Dr. Alex Reid in ‘Saving Hope.’

Brennan Elliott essays the character of Travis. He is best known for his performance as Dr. Nick Biancavilla in ‘Strong Medicine’ and Warren Saget in ‘Cedar Cove.’ Mark Brandon plays the role of James, the love interest of Gale. Chris Gauthier appears as Murray, while Judith Maxie plays Elizabeth. The supporting cast comprises Matthew Del Bel Belluz as Michael, Ava Johnson as Mayor, Tim Dixon as Mr. Hogan, Ellexis Wejr as Averie, Jacqueline Breakwell as Megan, Cassandra Cavalli as Jaydene, Corina Akeson as Doctor, Andre Scott as Director, The film also features Cindy Piper and Janelle Beadall.

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