Chucky Episode 3 Recap and Ending, Explained

‘Chucky’ episode 3 thoroughly dives deep into the twisted mind of the titular serial killer and highlights what makes him such a great character. The thrilling episode follows Chucky, who tries to convince Jake to become a killer and bonds with him. However, when the teenager fails to kill his target, Chucky steps in to do Jake’s dirty work.

There are a few lingering questions left unanswered as Chucky’s reign of terror in Hackensack continues. Naturally, viewers must be wondering about the fates of some of the major characters, and we come bearing answers. Here’s everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Chucky’ episode 3! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Chucky Episode 3 Recap

‘Chucky’ episode 3 is called ‘I Like to Be Hugged.’ It opens with Chucky and Jake discussing the latter’s potential as a killer. Jake asks Chucky about his first kill. In a flashback, we see a young Charles celebrating his birthday while news of violent criminal activities in the town plays on the radio. Chucky tells Jake about how to choose a victim and search for the right opportunity to kill them.

Jake follows Lexy into the woods and is about to stab her only to realize it is Junior. Junior asks Lexy to apologize for insulting Jake by dressing up like his dad, but she refuses. At her home, Lexy finds her sister, Caroline, crying for Chucky. Lexy goes over to Jake’s house and apologizes to him. She asks Jake for the doll. Jake ponders over killing her in the garage but decides against it. He refuses to giveaway Chucky. Later, in his room, Chucky taunts Jake for being weak. Jake allows Chucky to kill Lexy on his behalf and drops off the doll at Lexy’s home.

At school, Jake’s teacher has called Lexy’s parents and Jake’s guardians to discuss the animosity between the two teenagers. Lexy’s parents find out that she bullied Jake. With her parents away for the night, Lexy invites her friends over for a party. Chucky seizes his opportunity and attacks Lexy. Jake visits his parents’ grave and hears sirens wailing in the distance. He realizes that Chucky has struck again. We also get to see Charles’ grave in the episode, which marks his date of death as November 9, 1988, i.e., the release date of the first film in the franchise.

Chucky Episode 3 Ending: Are Lexy and Her Friends Dead?

As the episode heads towards its conclusion, Chucky prepares to unleash his unhinged side. Since the first episode, it has been clear that Lexy is on top of Chucky’s hit list. He waits and carefully uses her actions to brainwash Jake into becoming a killer. However, the teenager fails to kill her. Although, Chucky succeeds in convincing Jake that Lexy deserves to die.

Chucky leaves Caroline’s room and waits in the corridor for a chance to kill Lexy. However, when he pounces out, it turns out to be Oliver who gets stabbed. Nonetheless, Chucky decides to finish off Oliver to cover his tracks. Therefore, Oliver is undoubtedly dead. However, the same cannot be said for the other partying teenagers.

Chucky attacks Lexy in her room while she is smoking a joint. Chucky tries to stab her but fails. In the altercation, Lexy’s joint falls near the curtain, which soon catches fire. In the meantime, Chucky tries to strangulate Lexy, but she pushes the doll away. Chucky reclaims his knife and prepares to attack Lexy once more as flames burst through the house. The episode ends with the teenagers’ fates undetermined.

It is likely that most of Lexy’s friends and her sister are going to survive the fire. We hear sirens at the end, which suggests that help is on its way. However, Lexy’s life is under severe threat from Chucky as well as the fire. Lexy could take advantage of the situation and figure a way to deceive Chucky. Therefore, she is likely to survive as well. For now, the only casualty for sure is Oliver.

Who Was Charles’ First Kill?

Through flashbacks, we get a brief look at Charles’ childhood and his transformation into a notorious killer. While the earlier episodes hint that a tragic event shaped the killer inside Charles, that cannot be further from the truth. In a flashback, we see that a killer entered Charles’ house. The young boy witnessed his father getting stabbed to death. Charles and his mom hid inside a closet to protect themselves.

However, by the time the killer found them, Charles had already murdered his mother. This scene implies that Charles was born a killer and a voice-over from Chucky corroborates the same. The reveal of Charles killing his own mother confirms that he is a megalomaniacal killer. There is no method to his madness as he claims in front of Jake. The reveal paints Chucky as an utterly evil and sinister threat.

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