Claim to Fame: 7 Similar Entertaining Reality Shows

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‘Claim to Fame’ is a reality show that revolves around 12 contestants, each related to a famous celebrity. They embark on a unique journey, living together in a house while attempting to unveil the hidden celebrity connections of their fellow participants, all while guarding their own star-studded lineage as a closely held secret. Each episode brings intense competition and eventually, one contestant is tasked with exposing the celebrity connection of a chosen co-contestant. If the guess is accurate, the accused contestant exits the competition; an incorrect guess, though, leads to the guesser’s own elimination.

With $100,000 at stake, the show, presented by Kevin Jonas and Frankie Jonas, keeps everyone guessing until the very end, making it a rollercoaster ride of suspense and strategy. The exciting concept leaves one wondering if there are more reality shows with a premise as interesting as that of ‘Claim to Fame.’ If you, too, are searching for similar reality shows, we have compiled a list to help you out. You can watch most of these reality shows like ‘Claim to Fame’ on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

7. Celebrity Family Feud (2008-)

Image Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

Celebrity Family Feud’ features teams of celebrities and their family members or friends who compete to answer survey questions and win cash prizes for their chosen charities. In each episode, two celebrity teams face off to guess the most popular answers to survey questions on a wide range of topics. The team that accumulates the most points by providing correct answers advances to the Fast Money round, where they can earn additional money for their charity. Like ‘Claim to Fame,’ ‘Celebrity Family Feud’ also features relatives of celebrities as contestants.

6. The Masked Singer (2019-)

Image Credit: Pete Dadds/Fox

A singing reality show with a unique twist, ‘The Masked Singer’ follows contestants from various fields, including music, film, sports, and more, who wear elaborate costumes and masks to conceal their identities while performing on stage. Each week, these disguised contestants sing in front of a panel of judges and a live audience.

Both the judges and viewers attempt to figure out who the hidden celebrities are based solely on their vocal performances and a series of cryptic clues provided by the contestants. As the weeks progress, contestants are eliminated based on panelists’ and audiences’ votes, and their true identities are dramatically revealed when they remove their masks. While the premise of the show is different than that of ‘Claim to Fame,’ both shows focus on hiding the contestant’s true identity.

5. The Mole (2001-)

‘The Mole’ is a reality television series known for its intriguing blend of competition and deception where contestants work together to complete various challenges and tasks, with the ultimate goal of accumulating a cash prize. However, there is a catch as one of the contestants is the ‘Mole,’ a secret saboteur planted among them. The Mole’s role is to undermine the group’s efforts without getting caught.

As the contestants progress, they must work together to unmask the Mole’s identity through a series of investigations. The series had its original run on ABC from 2001 to 2008, after which Netflix revived the show with a new season in 2022. In ‘Claim to Fame,’ a contestant is eliminated on an incorrect guess; similarly, in ‘The Mole,’ the contestant with the least information about the saboteur goes home.

4. Whodunnit? (2013)

Image Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

Presented by Gildart Jackson, ‘Whodunnit?’ follows 13 contestants who are placed in a luxurious mansion, and each week one of them ‘dies’ (staged by production) under mysterious circumstances. The remaining contestants must investigate the crime scene, gather clues, and interrogate one another to determine the identity of the killer among them. The contestants are guided by a fictitious butler (Jackson) through the investigation process. The contestant who correctly identifies the murderer wins a cash prize. Akin to ‘Claim to Fame,’ ‘Whodunnit?’ is also a game of concealing and guessing identities.

3. The Circle (2020-)

Netflix’s ‘The Circle’ explores the dynamics of social media and online interaction. Contestants are isolated in individual apartments and can only communicate with each other through a specially designed social media platform called The Circle. They have the freedom to portray themselves in any way they choose, whether it’s their authentic selves or a completely fabricated persona.

The contestants compete in various challenges and rankings, with the aim of becoming the most influential player in ‘The Circle.’ They must strategize, form alliances, and make connections to avoid being blocked and eliminated from the game. The participants rate each other in the finale and the person with the highest rating wins the show. Just like ‘Claim to Fame,’ ‘The Circle’ also involves contestants faking their personalities to get ahead in the game.

2. The Traitors (2023-)

Image Credit: Euan Cherry/BBC/Studio Lambert/All3Media International

Peacock’s ‘The Traitors’ focuses on 20 contestants who arrive at a Scottish Highlands castle with the dream of sharing a $250,000 prize. Among them, some are secretly designated as Traitors by the host, with the goal of eliminating the Faithful contestants and taking the prize for themselves. If the Faithful team eliminates all Traitors, they share the prize, but if any Traitors survive, they steal the entire sum.

At day’s end, a Round Table discussion and vote determine who’s banished. The player with the most votes exits, revealing their allegiance. By the end of the game, if only Faithful contestants remain, they share the prize; otherwise, the Traitors win it all. Both ‘Claim to Fame’ and ‘The Traitors’ are based on contestants’ interaction with each other while they hide their real identities or secrets. Suspense and strategy are also the key elements in both the games.

1. To Tell the Truth (1956-2022)

Image Credit: Christopher Willard/ABC

To Tell the Truth’ features three contestants who all claim to be the same person with a unique and often extraordinary life story or occupation. The celebrity panel, consisting of well-known figures, takes turns asking the participants questions to determine who is telling the truth. The twist is that two of the contestants are impostors, while one is genuinely who they claim to be. Panelists must rely on their wit, instincts, and judgment to discern the real contestant. If the panel correctly identifies the true contestant, they win the game; otherwise, the impostor takes the prize. Just like ‘Claim to Fame,’ ‘To Tell the Truth’ also has a central theme of hidden identities, with celebrities being an integral part of the game.

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