Corpse Party Season 3: Premiere Date, Plot, Characters

From the first episode itself ‘Corpse Party’ sets its bleak tone with some very graphic scenes. A sense of hopelessness slowly seeps in with its entrapped characters and you completely engross yourself into whatever they’re feeling in their despairing world. The violence in the series very well fits in with its dark themes but goes a bit too overboard at times. But what makes up for this is its overall gloomy atmosphere which perfectly reflects on what its characters are going through.

Horror is one anime genre that still seems to be far less popular than all the others and that’s probably because of its lack of quality content. However, ‘Corpse Party’ is easily an exception and can very well fulfill your cravings for some chills.

If, like us, you’ve been waiting for this anime to return with another season, move on to the next section to know more about the possibilities of its renewal.

Corpse Party Season 3 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Corpse Party’ is an OVA horror series that first premiered on August 2, 2012. After the success of its one-episode season one, the series returned with another 4-episode season 2 which released on Jul 24, 2013. It’s almost surprising how ‘Corpse Party’ never really gained all the attention that it deserved and is still ranked below other horror titles such as ‘Elfen Lied‘ and ‘Another.’ Since its OVAs have always done so well, most fans expected it to get a full-fledged season. Unfortunately, since it has been created by a lesser-known Studio, it seems very less likely that it will ever return in the future.

A lack of source material should not be a problem for the creators as it has been adapted from a light novel series, and usually, most of these light novel series have dense plots with multiple layers. However, at this point, we can only hope that the series will be revived by a major anime Studio someday and will receive a proper anime adaptation that it truly deserves. If the anime is renewed, ‘Corpse Party’ season 3 can release sometime in 2021 or later. Till then, you can check out our list of other similar horror anime.

Corpse Party English Dub:

As of now, the English dub of ‘Corpse Party’ is not available on legit streaming platforms, but you can watch it on VRV with original Japanese audio and English subtitles.

Corpse Party Plot:

One night, nine high school students gather in their high school and bid farewell to one of their classmates. They do this in a very customary manner where they perform a sort of ritual to say their goodbyes to their friend. Using tiny paper charms shaped dolls, they start off the ritual and vow to be friends forever.

However, they do not realize that their eerie rituals are somehow connected with the Heavenly Host Academy. Right underneath their own school, there exists an abandoned academy where a series of murders had taken place. And with their charms, the students end up teleporting themselves to the dark dimension of the Heavenly Host Academy that is now ruled by all kinds of evil spirits. They must now work together to somehow find their way out of there or else they’ll be doomed with spirits that are determined to make them suffer.

Corpse Party Characters:

Yoshiki Kishinuma

Yoshiki is one of the main characters of the ‘Corpse Party’ series and often reappears in almost all of its episodes. He is a student at the Kisaragi Academy and later becomes one of the five original survivors of the Heavenly Host Elementary School. He has black hair, and just like the other characters of the series, he is usually seen in his school uniform. For his age, he seems to have an average height and build. When it comes to his personality, he is quite selfish and does not really care about anyone else. This, for the most part, also helps him survive the dark world of the Heavenly Host Elementary Academy.

He does not depend on anyone else and also stays all by himself in an apartment. After getting disowned by his own parents, he stops trusting anyone and even picks up a part-time job to support himself. Even with school, he loses interest and stops attending classes. His defiance towards his studies reaches a point where he almost gets expelled from school at one point. He never tries to hurt the ones around him through his actions, but even then, most people consider him to be cold. Though he does not care about most people, he starts liking Ayumi later on and even tries to protect her whenever he can. There are times when he also acts quite perverted around her.

Satoshi Mochida

Satoshi Mochida is another recurring character in the series who is a fourth-year university student in the present events. He was once a student at the Kisaragi Academy, and just like Yoshiki, he turns out to be one of the five original survivors of the Heavenly Host Elementary School. He has an average height for his age and is usually seen in a wrinkled white shirt with trousers. He is the opposite of Yoshiki and really cares about all the people around him. He often goes the extra mile to protect his loved ones and there are times when he also puts his own life in danger to save others.

Unlike most of his friends, he was a little reluctant about performing the ritual before he ended up in the Heavenly Host Elementary Academy. But despite such a coward, after entering the dark realm, he chooses to leave all of his fear behind him. For the most part of the series, he also remains quite naive about what others think of him. He seems to have no clue about all the girls who have a crush on him. The only thing that forces him to push forward is his love for his younger sister Yuka. He does everything he can to keep her out of harm’s way and makes sure that she gets out alive from there.

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