Lifetime’s Cruise Ship Murder: Exploring Filming and Cast Details

Under the direction of Randy Carter, Lifetime’s ‘Cruise Ship Murder’ takes us onboard a lavish cruise ship filled with mysteries that lead to murder. The mystery thriller drama movie follows Olivia, who wears the detective’s hat after her aunt is found dead after suffering a mysterious fall overboard on the cruise ship. In order to solve the murder, she digs deeper and uncovers some dark secrets from her uncle’s past that might have been the reason for her aunt’s death.

As Olivia gets more involved in solving the mystery, the plot thickens, and she finds herself floating in treacherous waters. Since most of the story unfolds on the cruise ship with the constant backdrop of the open waters, questions about the actual filming locations are also a mystery that the viewers try to solve.

Where Was Cruise Ship Murder Filmed?

The production of ‘Cruise Ship Murder’ was carried out in California, specifically in Los Angeles. Principal photography for the Lifetime thriller reportedly got underway in January 2024 and continued for a couple of weeks before wrapping up in the first week of February of the same year. As the shooting came to a close, one of the cast members, Skye Coyne, took to social media to share her experience. She wrote, “Another one in the books for a with such a fantastic crew. Endless thank you to every sweet soul who worked on this project. Grateful to start off 2024 with a bang.”

Los Angeles, California

According to reports, the City of Angels served as the primary production location for ‘Cruise Ship Murder.’ Located in Southern California, the posh neighborhoods and bustling streets of Los Angeles can be spotted in the backdrop of several pivotal sequences. Moreover, the city is home to various iconic monuments and landmarks, including Los Angeles City Hall, the Hollywood Sign, Griffith Observatory, Venice Beach, and more, some of which may or may not feature in the thriller.

To shoot the exterior and aerial shots of the ship surrounded by water, the filming unit supposedly utilized an actual luxury yacht. As for the interior scenes of the ship, it is highly likely that they were taped in a sound stage of one of the many film studios situated in and around the city of Los Angeles, such as Paramount Pictures Studios, Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros. Studios, and more.

One of the important cast members, Gina Hiraizumi, stated that she had to detach from “24/7 mommy brain to law enforcement procedural dialogue daily.” According to her, she was switching from singing nursery rhymes to her toddler to solving murders on the set for the duration of the production. She added, “Thank you to my “village” of caretakers so I could go to work with a peace of mind. It’s been the hardest to PHYSICALLY leave when baby is wailing for mama….but then I get a text saying ‘2 min later, she’s fine’ haha.” She didn’t forget to thank the makeup and wardrobe department for their support and care on set every day.

Cruise Ship Murder Cast

Hailing from Florida, Skye Coyne essays the role of Olivia in ‘Cruise Ship Murder.’ She wanted to pursue a career in acting from a very young age. Working towards her dreams, she managed to break into the industry by making a name for herself through stage performances. Starting out with several short films, she bagged minor roles in ‘Urban Legends VR’ and ‘Buried in the Backyard.’ Soon, she received her big break when she began getting pivotal roles in movies, such as ‘Deadly Dating Game,’ ‘Love Under the Lemon Tree,’ ‘Love’s Playlist,’ ‘The Date Whisperer,’ ‘Vanished in Yosemite,’ and ‘A Roommate to Die For.’

The Lifetime thriller film also features various talented cast members who play supporting yet important roles, including Ryan Carnes as Colin, Matthew Pohlkamp as Ian, Carly Reeves as Theresa, Gina Hiraizumi as Detective Scott, Tyler Price as Callie, Tryphena Wade as Ellen, and Jeff Doba as Don Warren. Furthermore, Jamie Forst as Sara, Nicholas Di Nardo as Kendall, Eric Davenport as Carlton, and Desi Louise as Cynthia feature in the movie as well.

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