Lifetime’s A Deadly Threat to My Family: Filming Locations and Cast Details

With Erin Lovett occupying the director’s chair, Lifetime’s ‘A Deadly Threat to My Family’ is a thriller drama movie that sheds light on the intriguing and mysterious topic and existence of cults. The narrative follows a picture-perfect family of three — Ryan, his wife Marielle, and their teenage daughter, Aria — whose routine and peaceful life is upended by the arrival of Ryan’s sister named Serena on their front door. Seeking refuge after claiming to have escaped from a deadly cult, Serena decides to begin her life all over again without making past mistakes.

However, Marielle does not completely buy Serena’s story and stays on her toes, worried about her daughter’s well-being. Her concern over Aria grows all the more when she notices Serena getting closer and closer to her teenage daughter. To make matters more tense, another cult member knocks on Marielle’s door, and she can’t help but fear that Aria is their next target. The contrasting visuals of the cult’s eerie setting and the homely household of Ryan, Marielle, and Aria keep things interesting while keeping the viewers guessing about the actual locations.

Where Was A Deadly Threat to My Family Filmed?

Starting in late January 2024, the shooting for ‘A Deadly Threat to My Family’ took place in the diverse landscape of the land of Hollywood — Los Angeles, California. After about four weeks, the principal photography was concluded in February of the same year. Right after the conclusion of the filming process, one of the cast members, Isabella Mercurio, shared her experience on a social media post, writing, “just finished shooting hands down the coolest project I’ve ever been a part of!! very grateful for all these beautiful humans, and for my coach @amylyndon and manager @itsjackiejoyner for helping make this possible. stay tuned.”

Los Angeles, California

To tape all the pivotal sequences of ‘A Deadly Threat to My Family,’ the production team set up camp in the city of Los Angeles, situated in the southern region of California. Widely recognized as the home of the Hollywood industry, Los Angeles’ posh neighborhoods and streets make appearances in the backdrop of important scenes of the Lifetime movie. Since the city has many important and popular landmarks and buildings, you might be able to spot a few in the backdrop, such as the Hollywood Sign, the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and Griffith Observatory.

Isabella Mercurio took to social media to share her memories about the production process of ‘A Deadly Threat to My Family’ again as the release date of the movie approached. She wrote, “Working on this project was seriously one of the coolest experiences of my life, I am so excited to share it with ya’ll. Thank you so much to @erincrum and @goodform for giving me the opportunity to help bring Aria to life, my manager Jackie at @3gmyouth, my coach @amylyndon, and the most out of this world cast and crew that made every day on set so amazing.”

A Deadly Threat to My Family Cast

The uber-talented Jessica Morris essays the character of Marielle Harris in the thriller movie. She has gained recognition for her portrayal of Jennifer Rappaport in ‘One Life to Live,’ Linda the Teacher in ‘Role Models,’ and Helene in ‘Party of Five.’ A regular in Lifetime productions, she can also be spotted in ‘The Secret Life of a Sorority Girl,’ ‘My Doctor’s Secret Life,’ ‘Secret Lives of Housewives,’ ‘Pool Boy Nightmare,’ and ‘Abduction Runs in the Family.’ Mark Ricketson joins Jessica as her character Marielle’s husband, Ryan Harris. He has titles such as ‘Neil Patrick and Harris. The Chronicles of Conjoined Triplets,’ ‘Sketch Juice,’ ‘Battle for Pandora,’ and ‘Married for Greencard, Stayed for Love’ to his credit.

Gina Vitori steps into the character of Ryan’s sister, Serena Harris. You may remember her from ‘Trying,’ ‘Betrayed,’ ‘Deadly Girls Night Out,’ ‘Magnum P.I.,’ ‘Ahsoka,’ ‘Christmas with the Foxes,’ and ‘9-1-1.’ Isabella Mercurio plays the role of Ryan and Marielle’s daughter, Aria Harris. She is known for her performances as Bachelorette Extra in ‘Panthers in Paradise,’ Kenzie in ‘Allison’s Party,’ and a short film titled ‘Didn’t Mother Ever Tell You.’ The supporting cast also comprises Lelia Symington as Laurel, Rib Hillis as Aleph, Tyler Price as Olivia, Sofia López as Nina, Mignon Farmani as Jada, Jacob Horn as Reporter, and Lisa Cole as Office Secretary.

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