Secret Life of a Sorority Girl: Where Was the Movie Filmed? Who is in the Cast?

In the directorial hands of Damian Romay, ‘Secret Life of a Sorority Girl’ introduces us to single mother Cheryl, whose college-going daughter Ashley is paying for her education by working as a pole dancer at a club. When Cheryl finds out about Ashley’s side venture, a big fight ensues, and she threatens to disown her. Her anger soon turns to regret when Ashley goes missing the next day. With the police unable to find her, Cheryl takes it upon herself to investigate her disappearance, starting with the club where Ashley worked.

Cheryl begins working as a pole dancer at the establishment to get closer to its staff, hoping they will reveal some clues about her daughter’s disappearance. As Cheryl delves into the secrets of the club, she grows close to the bartender, Jake, who agrees to assist in the search, leading them to unexpected places. The Lifetime thriller movie’s mystery is heightened by its juxtaposition of a quintessential suburban backdrop with that of a surreptitious club.

Secret Life of a Sorority Girl Filming Locations

Shooting for ‘Secret Life of a Sorority Girl’ took place in Louisville, Kentucky. Filming began in early November 2023 under the tentative title, ‘Club of Secrets,’ and was wrapped up in a few weeks by November 26, 2023. The cast and crew seem to have had a very positive experience on set and took to social media to share clips of them having a good time behind the scenes.

Louisville, Kentucky

Sprawled along the southern bank of the Ohio River, Louisville became the primary filming location for ‘Secret Life of a Sorority Girl.’ Home of the Kentucky Derby, Louisville is known as the birthplace of boxing legend Muhammad Ali. The city attracts visitors with its upscale cuisine, distilleries along the Urban Bourbon Trail, and picturesque historical architecture. When it came to finding filming locations for the Lifetime movie, the production team ventured into the city’s suburban areas, characterized by charming single-family homes adorned with front porches, picket fences, and neatly manicured lawns.

The team put out a call for casting a few background characters in the Louisville area for shooting between November 2 and November 17, 2023. The roles included five coffee patroons, a waiter, fifteen high school faculty, eight sorority sisters and fraternity guys, along with a host of background roles for the gentleman’s club.

With much of the film revolving around the club, the film crew likely made use of one such establishment in Louisville’s nightlife districts. The city offers a diverse array of visually captivating sites, as historic buildings with unique architectural features have been repurposed into trendy nightclubs and entertainment venues. Louisville’s nightlife is not only visually stimulating but also rooted in its local culture and music scene.

Louisville presents a diverse array of backdrops as a potential filming destination, from its mix of historic buildings, grand mansions, and modern structures to the scenic waterfront, distinct suburban charm, and wilderness areas. With the addition of its theaters, galleries, and music venues, the city rounds out as a noteworthy filming location for the majority of genres. Some films that have woven the city’s rich tapestry of visual and cultural elements into their story include ‘Desperation Road,’ ‘Mom and Dad,’ ‘Don’t Tell a Soul,’ ‘Masquerade,’ and ‘The Art of Self-Defense.’

Secret Life of a Sorority Girl Cast

The film is led by Jessica Morris, essaying the single mother, Cheryl. Jessica Morris is a prolific actress who is recognized for her work in ‘One Life to Live’ as Jennifer Rappaport, ‘Party of Five’ as Helene, and ‘Role Models’ as Linda the Teacher. Her other credits include ‘My Doctor’s Secret Life,’ ‘State of Desolation,’ ‘Secrets on Greek Row,’ ‘Bodyguard Seduction,’ and ‘Secret Lives of Housewives.’

Starring opposite her is Philip Boyd as Jake. Philip is an experienced actor who began his acting career with several television appearances before landing the recurring role of Oscar in OWN’s ‘The Haves and the Have Nots.’ He has since become a Lifetime regular, having led several films. You may have seen him in ‘In-Lawfully Yours,’ ‘Feud,’ ‘Orphan Horse,’ ‘Kidnapping in the Grand Canyon,’ ‘General Hospital,’ and ‘You’ll Never Leave Me.’

Jessica Lynn Wallace steps into the role of Ashley. The young Australia-born actress gained an interest in acting through an after-school theatre program and graduated from the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts in England with a degree in acting. The budding actress has previously appeared in ‘Isle of Hope’ as Eleonor. Also appearing in the film is Brittany Mcvicker as a pole dancer. The actress has taken on supporting roles in productions like ‘Secrets of A Celebrity Nanny,’ ‘Phels High,’ ‘Santa Games,’ and ‘Cooper’s Bar.’ Other cast members include Tony Lee Gratz, Emma Claire Dykes, Buddy Campbell, and Mike A. Morgan.

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