Cyprien Boustiha: Where is Love Allways Runner Up Now?

Love Allways‘ is a Paramount+ reality show with a concept so unique you cannot help but be intrigued by it. In season 1 of the dating series, we saw many contestants try and woo bachelorette Lexi Paloma, a pansexual woman who hoped to find her match on the show. One of the cast members that she connected with most was none other than Cyprien Boustiha. Many fans wanted to see them together and were delighted to see Cyprien in the final two. If you are one such admirer eager to know what the reality TV star is up to these days, worry not because we have your back!

Cyprien Boustiha’s Love Allways Journey

After he joined Anthony Recenello’s team, Cyprien was determined to be the one to win Lexi’s heart. After a connection slowly evolved between them, he even got right-swiped by the bachelorette during the third elimination round, despite the two not having had a solo date yet. In fact, it was not until Team Anthony won the fourth group challenge that Cyprien got to spend some time alone in Lexi’s company.

The cooking date that Cyprien and Lexi spent time on allowed them to get to know each other better. It was the first time they shared a kiss, which only made those rooting for them ecstatic about the possibility of them getting together. As the show progressed, Cyprien earned many right swipes and became one of the few people Lexi relied on during the tumultuous turns and twists of the whole show.

Cyprien himself had developed a great friendship with Joshua “Josh” Cureton, another person who had developed a strong connection with Lexi. Besides, it soon became evident that the two men were in the lead for winning the bachelorette’s heart. This certainly was proven when they both landed in the top 2 of the show competition. However, with a heavy heart, Lexi unmatched Cyprien, believing she felt more of a spark with Josh.

Where is Cyprien Boustiha Now?

Despite his almost victory in the Paramount+ show, Cyprien has not let the loss bring him down. Based in the Greater Montreal Metropolitan Area of Quebec, the reality TV star is pursuing his Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree from HEC Montréal, a public business school. Cyprien has been a part of the institute since August 2021 and will graduate in May 2025.

Since February 2020, Cyprien has been working as a Social Media Curator under the banner of Cyprien Boustiha Media LLC. Presently, his TikTok following is well over 2.1 million, along with more than 249K Instagram followers. Cyprien also has an ASMR YouTube channel that boasts a subscriber count of around 33K. With such a strong internet presence, it is no wonder that the reality TV star had so many people rooting for his victory. We certainly are curious to see what Cyprien will do next and wish him the best for his future ventures.

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