Darin and Sarah Ragozzine: Dream Home Makeover Stars Are Thriving Professionally Now

Netflix’s ‘Dream Home Makeover‘ takes viewers on an awe-inspiring journey of home improvements. The reality series revolves around Shea and Syd McGee, the heads of studio McGee, who remodel houses across the state of Utah. Thanks to their creativity and hard work, they have a long list of satisfied customers, many of whom have even appeared in the show. For Shea and Syd, it is crucial to keep the vision of the homeowners in mind while also elevating their ideas to the next level.

The recently released fourth season of the show contains some excellent transformation journeys that left the McGee client speechless. For Darin and Sarah Ragozzine, who loved their pioneer house, it was hard to properly utilize their living area. The work done by the show hosts not only suited their needs but also went well with the house’s history and atmosphere. If you want to know what the happy family is up to, get ready to explore the same with us!

Darin and Sarah Ragozzine’s Dream Home Makeover Journey

After moving from one place to another, Darin and Sarah Ragozzine finally found their dream home in the shape of a Utah pioneer farmhouse. While they loved their property very much, with Sarah even referring to her home as a person, they were unsure how to design their living room area. Given Darin’s educational background and the fact that the kids were being educated at home, the space was full of books with minimal furniture.

The Ragozzines hoped to keep the soul of the house intact while also having a usable living space and activity area. The room also had a piano and needed space for the children to practice and perform Irish dance. While Shea was happy to incorporate these ideas, she suggested that the family should not move their main entrance to a new location as the suggested space would provide open access to their living area. Instead, she proposed to revitalize the existing entry space, which the family agreed to.

In order to provide the family with what they wanted, Shea made a wrap-around library for easily storing a variety of books. She also relocated the piano, restyled the fireplace, and added several furniture spaces. The end results easily captured the hearts of the family, who could not believe that it was their home. The remodeled room gave the Ragozzine what they had desired but also had amenities they had not envisioned previously, including reclaimed wooden beams.

Where Are Darin and Sarah Ragozzine Now?

As of writing, Darin works as Assistant Professor at Brigham Young University (BYU). Specifically, Darin works with the Physics and Astronomy departments and is involved with Astronomy Research. Through his work, he is able to help students explore the ever-enchanting field of astrophysics. The education institution is located in the city of Provo, Utah. The happy family actually lives in Charleston, a small town in Utah located approximately half an hour from Brigham Young University.

Prior to BYU, Darin was an Assistant Professor at the Florida Institute of Technology within the Department of Physics and Space Sciences, though he left the position in July 2016 and joined the Provo-based university in August 2016. He and Sarah have four children, Chloe, Abby, Nathan, and Leah May, who all seem to enjoy the art of Irish dancing. It seems that the new additions to their country house have helped the Ragozzines feel more at home and enjoy life even more.

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