Deane’s Dynasty: Where Are the Thai Celebrities Now?

Since the very first episode of Max’s ‘Deane’s Dynasty,’ the featured celebrities in the show have easily captivated the attention of the viewers. After all, learning about the various ups and downs in the personal and professional lives of these celebrated cast members is something we all cherished together. With just how things ended for our favorites at the end of season 1, it is also quite natural for everyone, including us, to wonder and explore just what they all are up to these days.

Lydia Deane is Back As A Musician

We are, of course, starting off with the stunning Lydia Sarunrat Deane, whose talent is something we cannot help but be in awe of. The Thai icon gave birth to her third child, Deon Deane, in October of 2022 and celebrated his first birthday in 2023 with much pomp and show, rivaling the on-screen celebration of the newest member of the Deane family. She was, of course, accompanied on this happy occasion by her husband, Matthew Deane, and her two older children, Dylan and Demi Deane.

As for her professional life, it seems like Lydia has once again taken to the stage and has performed at various concerts. In 2023, she also released a soundtrack titled “Sa Urn.” She also has her own YouTube channel with over a million subscribers, where she posts videos related to both her personal and professional life. Thanks to her popularity, Lydia is also the face of brands like Giffarine and Miniheart Cosmetics.

Matthew Deane Continues To Rock As An Emcee

Any talk of the Deane family is certainly incomplete without mentioning Matthew Deane Chanthavanij. A happy husband to Lydia Deane, he is a proud father of three children: Dylan, Demi, and Deon Deane. The famous emcee did take vows of monkhood in August 2022 and completed his journey in about two weeks in September 2022. More than anything, Matthew is a family man who never fails to show off his loved ones. He is also quite proud of his role as the face of events like Miss Grand International. Additionally, he serves as an ambassador for many brands, often in company with Lydia, like Giffarine.

Aerin Yuktadatta is Enjoying Marital Bliss

Let’s now talk about the ever-optimistic Aerin Yuktadatta, who has changed her last name to Bencharongkul following her marriage to Ben Bencharongkul on December 4, 2022. Matthew Deane officiated the happy occasion, with Aerin being escorted down the aisle by her two brothers. In April of 2023, the newlywed celebrity and her husband embarked on an unforgettable trip in which they traveled to four cities in three countries within the span of two weeks.

“You make my days brighter and nights warmer. Even my smile sparkles a little more. Love you, hubs,” Aerin shared in a post on Instagram, demonstrating how much she adores Ben. The reality TV star is also one of the co-owners of Infinity Life, a vegan vitamin and supplement company. Recently, she has also been a part of projects like ‘Ruean Chadanang,’ ‘My Dear Donovan,’ and ‘Wiwa Fah Laep.’

Ploy Chermarn is No Longer With Claudine

Laila Boonyasak, better known as Ploy Chermarn, also emerged as one of the stars of the Max series. While her relationship with Atitaya Craig, AKA Claudine, was the central point of her on-screen journey in season 1, reports of their break up emerged in March 2023. While it is uncertain why exactly Ploy and her former partner broke up, we do know that, as of writing, she is in a pretty loving relationship with Tong Twopee (TheKid from “Southside”). The two are always happy to spend time in the company of each other, much to the joy of their fans. Ploy also continued to dominate the entertainment industry, as evidenced by her prominent part in ‘Pattaya Heat,’ a 2023 movie.

Ben Bencharongkul Serves As A CEO

Given his on-screen romance with Aerin Yuktadatta, it is not really surprising that Benja “Ben” Bencharongkul has captured the attention of the world. Following his marriage to the Thai artist in December of 2022, Ben can often be seen enjoying the company of his wife and visiting some very beautiful places around the world, like Svalbard in Norway and Lisbon in Portugal. Since January 2022, he has been serving as the CEO of Brainergy Digital, a digital company associated with the well-known Benchachinda Group.

Ducky Visutthithada and Dom Baiamonte Are Now Proud Parents

We are quite excited to talk about Ducky Visutthithada and Dominic “Dom” Baiamonte, the former being the sister of Lydia Deane. The couple will celebrate their third marriage anniversary on March 27, 2024, and seems to be enjoying the marital bliss. The two had publically shared the news of their pregnancy in November 2022 and eagerly anticipated the arrival of their firstborn. The couple became parents in April 2023 and named their child Dustin. Ducky is also associated with Acai Story, known as The Superfood Cafe.

Dunk Visutthithada and Poupae Are Expecting A Daughter

Lydia Deane’s younger brother, Dunk Visutthithada, and his wife, Poupae, celebrated ten years of their relationship in September 2023, having started dating in 2013. In fact, the couple is set to welcome the newest member of their family, having announced their pregnancy in July 2023. As of mid-October 2023, they were six months into the journey and are now eager for the birth of their daughter. Based in Bangkok, Thailand, Dunk and Poupae enjoy going on adventurous trips with each other and often share photos and videos of the same on their collective Instagram account under the banner of “Team Blaaaae.”

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