Netflix’s Deliver Me: Where is the Swedish Show Filmed?

With Anna Zackrisson in the director’s chair, ‘Deliver Me’ begins with the murder of a young teen, Billy, seemingly shot by his best friend, Douglas. Since Douglas is only 14 years old, the police are uncertain about how to charge the juvenile and whether he bears full responsibility. The show takes us back and forth in time, exploring Douglas and Billy’s friendship, the pressures felt by them, and the present day investigation by Detective Farid Ayad. The boys were known to have gang ties and affiliation to criminal activities, an exposure that proved too overwhelming for them. In a society that has failed its youngest, the narrative explores the roles and responsibilities of those indirectly behind Billy’s death.

Also known as ‘I dina händer,’ the Swedish thriller Netflix series is based on Malin Persson Giolito’s novel of the same name. Its visual tapestry ranges from vibrant residential and natural settings where the boys enjoy their world of innocence to gritty metropolitan cityscapes with a heavy atmosphere of guilt and contemplation.

Deliver Me Filming Locations

‘Deliver Me’ is filmed on location in sites around Stockholm, Sweden. Principal photography commenced in February 2023 and was completed for the first season by early June 2023. Many among the cast and crew felt proud of their work on the series, reflecting that the story raised important questions and challenged flawed politics. After the filming was completed, author Giolito opted to remove her name from the production credits due to creative differences with the show’s writer, Alex Haridi.

Stockholm, Sweden

The production for ‘Deliver Me’ is based in the capital city of Sweden. One of the key reasons Stockholm works well as the filming location for the show is its visual diversity. The city’s distinctive architecture, with its mix of dense urban landscapes, quaint cobblestone streets, and surrounding wilderness, offers a dynamic backdrop for the series’ narrative. Considered one of the most picturesque locations in the world, Stockholm’s beauty is toned down for certain scenes in the show. The film crew shoots most of their grim sequences relating to crime at night, presenting a concrete maze of flyovers, tunnels, and dull structures to match the intended mood.

Soon after shooting for the series began here in the first week of February 2023, the director was glad the cast members could depict its complex emotional themes. “It’s a dynamic mix of new talent and experienced actors,” said director Anna Zackrisson in a translated interview. “We started filming two weeks ago, and I’m incredibly impressed with all of them. They are so strong and fearless in the depiction of this vulnerable story. I’m looking forward to making this journey with them.”

Stockholm’s reputation as a cultural hub and progressive society aligned with the themes explored in ‘Deliver Me.’ The series delves into issues of youth violence, societal inequality, and the failure of institutions to protect vulnerable individuals, topics that resonate deeply in a city known for its commitment to social justice and equality.

Produced by Stockholm-based studio Asp Varhos, ‘Deliver Me’ is among a number of Netflix projects that are increasingly being developed in the city. Swedish Netflix shows gained traction after the success of ‘Quicksand,’ a series that is also based on one of Malin Persson Giolito’s novels. Since then, the city has become home to the Swedish-language shows ‘Snabba Cash,’ ‘Love & Anarchy,’ ‘Clark,’ and the highly popular, ‘Young Royals.’

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