Did Janet Montgomery’s Dr. Lauren Bloom Leave New Amsterdam? Theories

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The fate of Dr. Lauren Bloom takes an unforeseen turn in the fourth season of NBC’s medical series ‘New Amsterdam.’ Her efforts to make her partner Leyla stay in New Amsterdam backfires miserably and even leads to her breakup with the latter. After days of torment, Bloom decides to walk away from the hospital and the memories of Leyla to attain peace and tranquility. Even though the chief of the emergency department reconsiders her decision, Bloom’s life at New Amsterdam comes to an abrupt end. If you are curious about the character’s fate and Janet Montgomery’s commitment to the show, we have got you covered! SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Happened to Dr. Lauren Bloom?

When Leyla comes to know that Bloom has paid a donation for her residency in New Amsterdam, she confronts her partner and expresses her anger for trying to buy her. Leyla’s confrontation ends with her breaking up with Bloom and her departure from New Amsterdam. Bloom struggles with Leyla’s absence and tries her best to find out her ex-girlfriend’s whereabouts. The end of her precious relationship with Leyla leads her to considering taking a break from the hospital. The terrible measures Veronica implements in the hospital act as the final nail in the coffin of her New Amsterdam days.

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When Max and Helen arrive at New York City for Dr. Kapoor’s funeral, Bloom tells Helen that she is leaving New Amsterdam for an emotional change. She lets Veronica know about her decision and the medical director accepts it. However, when Leyla comes to tell her that she should continue in the hospital, Bloom reconsiders her decision. She also understands that she needs to be in the hospital for her colleagues to fight Veronica’s menacing presence and regulations. Veronica informs Bloom that she has already filed the resignation and the doctor has to leave irrespective of her change of heart. So, did Lauren Bloom leave New Amsterdam for good, paving the way for Janet Montgomery’s exit from the medical drama? Let’s find out!

Did Janet Montgomery Leave New Amsterdam?

Bloom’s decision to leave New Amsterdam for her sobriety didn’t fail to startle the ardent admirers of the character and Janet Montgomery. Veronica’s decision to ignore Bloom’s change in the decision and accept the resignation led the fans of the show to worry that the former chief of ED is gone for good, solidifying the chances of Montgomery’s exit. However, NBC or Montgomery hasn’t released any official statements or announcements concerning Bloom’s supposed departure, indicating that the character and the actress are here to stay!

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Furthermore, Bloom returns to New Amsterdam to join Max at UMI, possibly to help him acquire UMI’s seat on the New Amsterdam board, in the fifteenth episode of season 4. In the upcoming episodes, we may see Bloom and Max working together to force Veronica out of the hospital they have built together to serve the needy. If Max succeeds in fulfilling his mission to bring down Veronica, Bloom may just walk into New Amsterdam to regain her former position. Since Max wants someone reliable and resolute to replace Veronica, we may even see Bloom becoming the next medical director of New Amsterdam.

In an interview given in January 2022, creator David Schulner revealed how Bloom and Leyla will go through several complications in the episodes to come. Since those events are yet to unravel in the narrative, Montgomery’s future in the show is expected to remain safe. Considering these factors and possibilities, we believe Janet Montgomery is likely to continue featuring in ‘New Amsterdam.’ In the upcoming episodes, we can hope to see Bloom returning to New Amsterdam as the chief of ED.

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