Did Jennifer Lopez Learn to Ride a Motorcycle For The Mother? What Motorcycles Does She Ride in the Film?

Netflix’s ‘The Mother’ is an action drama vehicle led by actress Jennifer Lopez, who stars as the titular character. It revolves around a highly skilled female assassin’s quest to protect her estranged daughter from her past enemies. In the film, Lopez gets to flex her action chops, and two exhilarating sequences feature her riding motorcycles in style as she comes to her daughter’s rescue. Naturally, viewers must wonder if Lopez was already fond of motorcycle riding or had to learn the activity. If you wish to find out whether Jennifer Lopez learned motorcycle riding for ‘The Mother’ and which motorcycles she rides in the film, here is everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Jennifer Lopez Learned to Ride a Motorcycle

Jennifer Lopez began her career as a professional dancer before moving into acting and singing. Although Lopez is mainly identified with romance and psychological thriller roles, she has some action films in her filmography, such as ‘Parker,’ ‘Shotgun Wedding,’ and ‘Money Train.’ However, Lopez has stated that ‘The Mother’ is one of the most demanding action films she has been a part of during her lengthy career. In ‘The Mother,’ Jennifer Lopez plays the titular character, an unnamed female assassin who formerly served in the military.

Lopez’s character is skilled in several forms of combat, sniping, and other physical activities. In the film, The Mother rides a motorcycle in two distinct sequences. The first is a high-octane chase scene set in Havana, Cuba, and the other one takes place in the United States countryside. Both sequences are fluidly filmed and feature Lopez riding the motorcycles instead of a stunt double for most of the screen time. In an interview with ET Canada, Lopez confirmed that she had to learn several skills for her role in ‘The Mother,’ including how to ride a motorcycle and snowmobile. However, as with any other stunt in an action film, the motorcycle sequences were filmed in controlled environments with proper safety protocols being followed.

Jennifer Lopez Rides Yamaha RX

‘The Mother’ features two motorcycle riding sequences featuring Jennifer Lopez. In one of the scenes, her character is chasing after the man who abducted her estranged daughter, Zoe. The chase takes place in the crowded and narrow streets of Havana, Cuba, but was actually filmed on location in Spain. During the chase sequences, Lopez’s character uses a motorbike to hunt down the man. The motorcycle featured in the scene is a variant of the Yamaha RX model. The motorcycle is known to come in the RX 100 and RX 135 variants. However, the motorcycle in the film is likely a modified version of either model. Given the fast pace and choppy editing of the sequence featuring the motorbike, it is difficult to identify its exact specifications.

The second sequence in the film featuring Lopez on a motorcycle sees her character taking her daughter to safety. In this particular scene, Lopez’s character rides a Harley Davidson motorbike. It seems to be a model of the 2022 edition of Harley Davidson Forty-Eight’s Vivid Black variant. However, the motorcycle seems to be heavily customized and appears to have a 1200cc engine. The 2022 Harley Davidson Forty-Eight has a market price of roughly $12,299. Despite riding two different motorcycles in ‘The Mother,’ Jennifer Lopez does not seem to own any motorcycles in real life. Furthermore, the actress reportedly got rid of her husband Ben Affleck’s prized motorcycle collection in 2022.

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