Did Jimmy and Mia Break Up in Yellowstone?

Yellowstone‘ is a gritty Western drama filled with heart-wrenching moments and conflict. Therefore, fans of the show cherish the little heartwarming and romantic moments that come their way from time to time. In that regard, fan-favorite couple Jimmy and Mia are a highlight, and their relationship is a large part of the show. However, off-late the couple is experiencing some tumultuous time, and with the seventh episode of season 4, fans are fearing that Jimmy and Mia have broken up. Is that really the case? Let’s spread out the facts and find out for ourselves! SPOILERS AHEAD!

What Happens Between Jimmy and Mia in Yellowstone?

Jimmy and Mia meet for the first time at a rodeo event in the show’s third season. Soon after, Mia moves to the bunkhouse and begins to work as a ranch hand alongside Jimmy. In time, their attraction towards each other becomes evident, and they start dating each other. In the fourth season premiere, Jimmy is hospitalized after getting into a horseriding accident. Mia takes care of him and helps Jimmy recover.

However, in the next episode, their relationship is dealt a major blow. John decides to ship Jimmy away to the Four Sixes Ranch in Texas. Jimmy feels hard done by the decision as he considers the ranch home and co-workers family. Mia misinterprets Jimmy’s comments about losing his family and gives him the cold shoulder. Jimmy departs for the Four Sixes Ranch, leaving their relationship’s fate unresolved.

Did Jimmy and Mia Break Up in Yellowstone?

Since the first two episodes, the trajectory of Jimmy and Mia’s storylines doesn’t intersect. Before leaving, John informs Jimmy that if Mia really loves him, she will wait till he returns. It seems like Jimmy decides to take his chances by waiting for Mia. On the other hand, Mia doesn’t bid farewell to Jimmy, hinting that she might wait for Jimmy to return to sort their romantic situation.

However, in the seventh episode of season 4, Jimmy appears to be already moving on from Mia. Jimmy meets Emily, a co-worker at the Four Sixes Ranch. Emily and Jimmy work together on an assignment, after which Emily asks Jimmy out on a date. She also inquires whether Jimmy is dating someone. Jimmy is unable to confirm or deny whether he is in a relationship or not. Given the circumstances of the separation, it is understandable why Jimmy does not have an answer. Nonetheless, Jimmy agrees to go out with Emily and also offers to buy her dinner. Therefore, it is clear that Jimmy isn’t waiting around for Mia.

Does that mean Jimmy and Mia have effectively broken up? That appears to be the case, at least on Jimmy’s part. On the other hand, Mia packs her stuff and leaves the Yellowstone Ranch. We do not know where she is headed, and she could very well end up following Jimmy’s tracks. If Mia arrives at the Four Sixes Ranch, there will undoubtedly be some high-voltage drama between her and Jimmy. Therefore, fans should brace themselves for a rough ride in the coming episodes. As for the status quo of Mia and Jimmy, their relationship appears to be on life support.

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