Did Kaley Ronayne’s Cade Leave The Resident?

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The fifth season of FOX’s medical seriesThe Resident’ ends with Conrad Hawkins deciding to be with Kincaid “Cade” Sullivan. In the sixth season of the show, Conrad and Cade try to strengthen their relationship despite the presence of Billie Sutton, who nurtures feelings for Conrad as well. But the biggest challenge the couple faces in the season turns out to be Cade’s father Dr. Ian Sullivan’s drug addiction. In the eighth episode of the season, Cade realizes that her fears concerning her father have become true, which leads her to make a significant decision concerning their future.

Since Cade is missing in the ninth episode, the viewers must be wondering where she has gone and how her decision would affect Kaley Ronayne’s future in the show. Well, here’s everything you need to know about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Where is Kincaid “Cade” Sullivan?

In the eighth episode of the sixth season, Ian Sullivan steals a drug bottle from the OR, only to get confronted by a staff member. After the confrontation, he realizes that he cannot continue stealing drugs from the hospital and risk his career and reputation. He explains his predicament to his daughter Cade, who realizes that her father is nothing but an addict. She lets him know that she will help him but only if he agrees to get admitted to a rehabilitation center. Cade doesn’t want to see her father operating under the influence of drugs and hurting a patient, which will destroy his life and career.

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When Cade informs him that she will reveal Ian’s addiction to Kit Voss, the pediatric surgeon agrees to listen to his daughter. Together, they leave for a rehabilitation center. Cade must be at the rehabilitation center she has selected for her father, helping him settle at the place. Since she has promised to help him in any way she can if he agrees to get into rehab, Cade must have decided to remain at the place for a few days as a support system for Ian. She may know that the first few days of rehab will be extremely tough for Ian, which may make her stay with him so that he doesn’t need to deal with the same alone.

Cade and Ian never had an admirable daughter-father relationship. But Ian deciding to come clean to Cade by trusting her must have affected her severely. She may want to return the favor and be with him as he tries to win the battle against addiction. Does that mean we have seen the last of Kaley Ronayne in the show? Let’s find out!

Did Kaley Ronayne Leave The Resident?

As of yet, neither FOX nor Kaley Ronayne has announced the supposed departure of the actress from ‘The Resident,’ indicating that she is still a part of the cast of the show. When taking Ian to the rehabilitation center, Cade doesn’t say that she will be staying with him for the whole period. Therefore, we can expect her to return to Chastain as soon as Ian is settled at the place. Since rehabilitation is a process one needs to complete on his own, it is unlikely that Cade will be allowed to be with her father for a long period. So, she may come back to the hospital for now and check in on him occasionally.

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If that’s the case, we believe that Kaley Ronayne most likely will continue featuring in ‘The Resident.’ Since Ian’s addiction and its impact on Cade’s life is a significant storyline of the sixth season, it is extremely unlikely that Ronayne will leave the show anytime soon. “Who you can save and who you can’t is one of the themes of the season, because you can’t ultimately save everyone, in a hospital or in life. How far do you go to save them? What can you do? And generally at Chastain, our doctors go to the very end to save people,” co-creator of the show Amy Holden Jones told TVLine about Ian and Cade, indicating that we may see their relationship throughout the season.

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