Did Lily Collins Sing in Emily in Paris Season 3?

Image Credit: Stéphanie Branchu/Netflix

The third season of Netflix’s romantic seriesEmily in Paris’ begins with the conflicts between Emily Cooper and Alfie as the former gets caught up with two jobs that keep her away from her boyfriend. When Emily misses the sending-off party for Alfie, the latter finds it unacceptable and stops communicating with her. Emily eventually realizes that Alfie hasn’t gone back to London and is in Paris since he has become the new CFO of Antoine Lambert’s perfume company Maison Lavaux. In the second episode of the season, Emily sings a song to impress Alfie, which captivates us enough to find out whether Lily Collins really sang in the show. Here are our findings!

Lily Collins Sings for Love in Emily in Paris

Lily Collins did sing in the third season of ‘Emily in Paris.’ Lily sang Dionne Warwick’s “Alfie” as Emily tries to regain Alfie by ending the fight between them. Lily was “nervous” about singing in the show since her co-star Ashley Park, who plays Emily’s best friend Mindy Chen, has a “phenomenal voice.” However, the actress was aware that she doesn’t have to sing as Emily the same way Park sings as Mindy, a professional singer.

Image Credit: Stéphanie Branchu/Netflix

“Emily and Lily are not Mindy and Ashley. Like we have to make sure that there’s a huge difference there with, Emily is not going to be trying to be Mindy. If she sings, she is singing for a purpose of stepping outside her comfort zone,” Lily told ExtraTV about the significance of her performance as Emily. “I wanted to make sure that right off the bat I was very honest about the fact that as nervous as Lily would be, it would emulate Emily’s nerves. And I found that it was beautifully interwoven into the point of the story and Mindy is saying my character had to put herself out there for Alfie, it is like what better way than to do something totally unexpected,” she added.

In addition, singing in the third season of the romantic drama wasn’t the first time Lily sang for her character. The actress sang “I Believe In Love (Mirror Mirror Mix)” in the Julia Roberts-starrer ‘Mirror Mirror,’ in which Lily plays Princess Snow White. Lily, one of the daughters of rock legend Phil Collins, always loved singing. “[…] I’ve always loved singing, writing songs, and kind of experimenting with that. I wouldn’t say that it’s my goal right now to come out with an album or anything, but it’s so much a part of who I am,” Lily told The Hollywood Reporter in March 2012.

To conclude, Lily also sang in the show in which she plays the protagonist, Emily, and serves as one of the producers. The actress succeeds in bringing out the innocence of her character even while performing the song, which enhances the significance of the same in the narrative of the show.

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