Where is Dirty John Filmed?

Shows based on true stories always entice viewers. The twists and turns depicted often make viewers question reality, thereby heightening the impact. ‘Dirty John‘ is yet another show based on true stories that would make viewers scratch their heads in disbelief over the events shown. The first season of the Bravo/ USA Network series is based on a podcast which recounts true events. The show (season one) and the podcast revolve around John Meehan, a con artist who is known to have targeted various women.

‘Dirty John’ season one focuses on a woman named Debra Newell, who falls in love with a seemingly perfect young man. Her daughters, however, immediately suspect John of hiding something. However, Debra chooses to have some trust, resulting in an extreme situation wherein Newell has to fight for her very survival and that of her daughters. On the other hand, the second season of the show tells a different, unrelated story: that of Betty Broderick, a woman who apparently killed her ex-husband and her second wife. By doing so, ‘Dirty John’ is turned into an anthology, with each season presenting a different story with the theme of crime during a relationship.

Connie Britton plays the role of Debra. She has starred in multiple productions, including ‘Nashville,’ ‘Friday Night Lights,’ and ‘American Horror Story.’ Eric Bana, on the other hand, plays the role of John Meehan. Bana is best known for having starred in prominent productions such as ‘Troy,’ ‘Munich,’ ‘Star Trek,’ and ‘Lone Survivor.’ In the second season, Amanda Peet plays the role of Betty. Christian Slater is also a part of the cast.

Dirty John Filming Locations

‘Dirty John’ is largely set in California. The first season is set in Orange County while the second one is set in San Diego. The picturesque location serves as a contrasting backdrop for the shocking story that is presented. Hence, the setting is rather integral for the series’ story. Thus, it is natural for viewers to wonder where ‘Dirty John’ has been filmed. Is it also filmed in the places that the true stories are set in? Or has it been filmed elsewhere?

Season 2

Information regarding the filming locations of the second season of ‘Dirty John’ has been scarce. However, a local source pointed out how filming was undertaken at 506 S Grand Avenue in Los Angeles. Another source further confirmed how Peet and Slater were spotted filming in Los Angeles.

Season 1

‘Dirty John’ season one has been entirely filmed in the state of California, mostly in Los Angeles. Various locations are used throughout the state. However, most of the interior filming was carried out in a studio in Los Angeles.

Apart from that, the getaway house that the leading couple rents is depicted to be quite breathtaking. In the show, the house is depicted to be located on Balboa Island. However, the place where scenes set in the house are filmed is 47 Vista Del Golfo in Naples Island on Long Beach. However, a few establishing shots are actually filmed at Balboa Island. Balboa Pier can also be seen in one of these establishing shots.

Moving on, the place where Debra works is Madeira Interiors. Scenes set in Madeira Interiors are filmed on 27030 Malibu Hills Road. The filming location is between Agoura Hills and Calabasas. Furthermore, flashback scenes revolving around John’s first marriage are set in Dayton, Ohio. These scenes are actually filmed at Long Beach Petroleum Club on 3636 Linden Avenue. Additionally, according to local sources, a warehouse is used to film scenes set in the couple’s main bedroom and master bathroom.

Have a look at the following Twitter post. It seems as if filming was carried out in the Universal Studios production facility. However, it is difficult to tell.

Next, the post below confirms how filming was carried out at Long Beach. Apparently, a fundraising scene was filmed at The Ebell Club.

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