Do Charlotte and Alexander End up Together in Sanditon? [Spoiler]

In season 2 of the period drama TV series ‘Sanditon,’ Charlotte Heywood comes back to the titular beachside resort town with her sister Alison. Still reeling from the trauma of Sidney’s untimely death, she decides to stay away from love and marriage until she meets two handsome new suitors who take a keen interest in her. While Charlotte is not too impressed by the suave Colonel Lennox and eventually realizes that he is a deceptive man, she shares an intense equation with Alexander Colbourne, for whom she works as a governess.

Though Alexander is a rather reserved person who avoids mingling with society, he gradually opens up to Charlotte’s warm nature and shares his past with her. However, just as love starts blossoming between them, he is overcome by his insecurities that threaten to separate them forever. As season 2 ends, fans are curious to know if Alexander and Charlotte are finally able to bury their differences and unite. Let’s find out about that, shall we? SPOILERS AHEAD.

Do Charlotte and Alexander End up Together?

No, Charlotte and Alexander do not end up together in season 2. When she returns to Sanditon, he employs her as the governess to his daughter Leonora and niece Augusta. As Charlotte readies the girls for society, she gradually wins their trust and becomes a beloved confidante. Through them, she finds out that Alexander is still haunted by the death of his wife Lucy, who allegedly died due to loneliness.

Afterward, Colonel Lennox warns Charlotte to stay away from Alexander and discloses that he was in love with Lucy but her the latter took her away from him and destroyed her life. Though shocked, Charlotte refuses to believe the colonel’s words and continues working for Alexander. He too slowly begins getting comfortable around her and heeds her advice of attending social events in town with Augusta. But when he witnesses Charlotte and Colonel Lennox together, he harshly tells her to avoid him.

This leads to an argument between Alexander and Charlotte, and she demands a valid explanation for his outburst. At the Parkers’ ball, Colonel Lennox asks her to marry him, but when she refuses persistently, he kisses her forcefully and subsequently threatens her. Luckily, Alexander takes her away from him and calms her. He goes on to share his complicated past with his late wife Lucy and reveals that she had an extramarital affair with Colonel Lennox. When she became pregnant, he abandoned her and fled.

Though shattered at Lucy’s betrayal, Alexander accepted her and her unborn child — a girl whom she named Leonora. Unfortunately, Lucy was unable to let go of the guilt of her infidelity and thus became mentally fragile. She carelessly ventured out into the rain one night and succumbed to her mental state. After she died, Alexander raised Leonora as his daughter and even took in Lucy’s orphaned niece Augusta. Hearing all this, Charlotte is deeply touched by his pain and comforts him, leading to an emotional moment and a passionate kiss between them.

Unbeknownst to anyone, Leonora overhears the conversation and realizes that Colonel Lennox is her biological father. Deeply disturbed by this news, she runs away from home without telling anyone except Augusta. The next day, Charlotte and Alexander spend some more time together and hint that they have fallen for each other. But when Leonora is discovered missing, they rush to the army camp to find her, thus leaving their conversation incomplete.

As Charlotte takes the little girl back, Alexander stays back to chat with Colonel Lennox, who is shocked to find out about his daughter. Regardless, he taunts Alexander for pushing Lucy toward him and implies that he would ruin Charlotte’s life the same way.  This worries Alexander, and he begins feeling unworthy of Charlotte’s love and decides that it is better to keep her at a distance. When she tries talking to him, he behaves indifferently and tells her that he only considers her his employee.

Heartbroken at Alexander’s rejection, Charlotte immediately resigns from her job and leaves the house. However, Mrs. Wheatley notices everything and advises Alexander to not give up on love. Furthermore, Augusta berates him for being so stubborn and makes him realize that they all need Charlotte in their lives. Encouraged by them, he rushes to the Parker residence to apologize and bring her back, but she misconstrues that he only wants her back as a governess.

Thus, Charlotte bluntly refuses Alexander’s offer, while he stops himself from telling her his true feelings due to his bruised ego. He leaves her without any clarifications, and she begins despising him for leading her on. Two months later, at her sister Alison’s wedding in Wellington, Charlotte surprises everyone by announcing her engagement to Ralph Sterling, a farmer whom her father wants her to marry.

Elsewhere, Alexander departs for London with Augusta and Leonora and refuses to indicate any plans of returning to Sanditon soon. Despite their evident feelings for one another, he and Charlotte part ways as season 2 ends, and it is unclear how they would come together again, given her engagement and his absence from Sanditon.

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