Do Emma and Carter End Up Together in FUBAR?

Netflix’s ‘FUBAR’ revolves around a father-daughter duo who discovers the other is a CIA Agent. Forced to work together, Luke and Emma Brunner hunt down a dangerous arms dealer. Meanwhile, Emma’s relationship with her loving and caring boyfriend, Carter, crumbles under the pressure of painting a secret double life. As a result, viewers must be wondering if Emma and Carter end up together. SPOILERS AHEAD!

What Happens Between Emma and Carter?

Emma Brunner (Monica Barbaro of ‘Top Gun: Maverick‘) is the protagonist of ‘FUBAR,’ alongside her father, Luke Brunner. At the show’s start, Emma is revealed to be a secret agent working for the CIA. However, her family and her boyfriend, Carter (Jay Baruchel of ‘The Kids in the Hall‘), are unaware of her true profession. Emma hides her true identity from Carter as she does not want to jeopardize their relationship. However, Emma’s work takes her to different parts of the world and pits her in dangerous situations. Consequently, Emma’s relationship with Carter, a schoolteacher, is affected.

Initially, Emma likes Carter because he offers her stability and predictability, which contrasts with her highly unpredictable work life. However, she soon starts feeling distant from Carter, especially after realizing they seek different things in life. Emma does not want to hurt Carter as she loves him very much. When Carter proposes to Emma, she accepts, and the couple prepares to get married. However, Emma kisses her co-worker Aldon (Travis Van Winkle of ‘Made for Love‘), and Carter learns about it from Luke. As a result, Carter loses faith in Emma and can no longer trust her. Hence, he breaks up with Emma despite still being in love with her.

Do Emma and Carter End Up Together?

After Emma cheats on Carter, their relationship reaches an end. Emma wants to make things work with Carter as she does not have romantic feelings for Aldon. However, Carter can longer trust Emma and breaks up with her. Emma becomes busy with her work but is forced to pay attention to her family when her niece, Romi, is diagnosed with Leukemia. In the meantime, Carter regularly visits Romi and tries to cheer her up. On the other hand, Carter also has a good relationship with Emma’s mother, Tally, and the rest of her family.

In the finale, Emma is forced to recognize that Carter is the right person for her as he effortlessly fits into her family life. However, Emma is concerned about telling Carter she is a secret agent. Carter is invited to Tally and Donnie’s wedding, where he reunites with Emma. Before Emma and Carter can mend their relationship, Boro Polonia attacks the church and attempts to kill Emma’s family. As a result, Emma and Luke fight against Boro and his men, dropping their secret to their family.

Ultimately, Emma and Luke save their family but are forced to abscond after their real identities are leaked. As Emma and her family drive to a safe location, Carter is also with them, implying he is a part of the family. Although the season ends with Emma and Carter still separated, their situation is redeemable. Emma and Carter do not end up together, but the season 1 finale leaves the door open for them to reconcile in the future.

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