FUBAR Ending, Explained: Do Luke And Emma Kill Boro?

Netflix’s ‘FUBAR,’ created by Nick Santora, is an actioncomedy series revolving around a prickly relationship between a father-daughter duo forced to be co-workers. The show stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Monica Barbaro, Gabriel Luna, and Milan Carter, among others. It follows CIA operative Luke Brunner, who discovers his daughter, Emma, has secretly been a CIA operative for years.

Shortly after the revelation, the CIA assigns both Brunners to work on the same case. Now Emma and Luke must figure out a way to work together and take down International ammunition supplier Boro Polonia. If you’re curious to find out how this comical setup works out for the Brunners, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘FUBAR.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

FUBAR Plot Synopsis

After working for the CIA for years, Luke plans to retire to civilian life and win back his ex-wife, Tally. However, at the last moment, Director Dot pulls Luke back into the game and sends him on an agent retrieval mission to Guyana. On his mission, Luke has to take on his old alias of Finn Hoss and rescue Agent Panda, who’s undercover in Boro Polonia’s close-knit crime family. Luke is able to easily slip into the organization due to his old connection with Boro.

When Luke arrives in Guyana, he learns Agent Panda is his daughter, Emma Brunner. Inversely, Emma also realizes that her father is a CIA Operative, and he’s been lying to his family for years. The secrets cause a drift between the two, who keep bickering with each other. Nevertheless, they are able to escape from Guyana. In the process, Boro loses his deadly suitcase nuke and discovers he’s been double crosses by both Finn Hoss and Daniella DeRosa. He also finds out that Finn is responsible for his father’s death.

At the CIA Headquarters, Dot pairs Emma and Luke together on a mission to catch Boro, who plans on holding an auction for his suitcase nuke. As such, the Brunners and their team must catch Boro before he can figure out how to create another suitcase nuke weapon. The Brunners’ team consists of Barry, Luke’s old friend and Emma’s godfather, two CIA operatives, Aldon and Roo, and an NSA Analyst, Tina. At the same time, Emma and Luke are assigned mandatory joint therapy sessions by the department with an eccentric psychologist, Dr. Pfeiffer.

After a mix of failed and successful missions in Kazakhstan, Moldova, and Greece, the team manages to catch Boro. The CIA brings Boro into custody and tries to get intel out of him about his buyers. Boro cuts a deal with Dot and travels to a second location with Luke and his team to contact his buyers via the Dark Web. However, the whole thing turns out to be a set-up, and Boro escapes with his nukes. Meanwhile, the Brunners’ family life worsens after doctors diagnose Luke’s granddaughter, Romi, with cancer.

The CIA runs another operation with Tina and Barry at a high-stake cards game, through which they discover Boro’s current location in Sardovia. However, when the team arrives in the country, they are betrayed by their inner contact. As a result, Aldon gets severely injured, while Roo experiences an untimely high from Xanax. Nevertheless, they travel through underground sewers to sneak into Boro’s bunker hideout. Aldon’s condition worsens, and Roo stays behind with him. As such, Luke and Emma enter Boro’s lair alone, with orders to kill Boro on sight.

FUBAR Ending: Do Luke And Emma Kill Boro?

Before heading out to their final mission in Sardovia, Luke tries to convince his boss against putting out a kill order on Boro. After killing Omar Polonia, Luke felt responsible for his young son Boro and decided to help raise him from afar. Luke sent Boro to ivy league universities and kept in contact with him over the years as Finn Hoss. As such, he has a connection with Boro and doesn’t wish to see him die.

On the other hand, Emma despises Boro and is more than eager to watch him die. After Emma finds out about her father’s secret, her perfectly curated personal and private lives start to deteriorate. Her fiance Carter breaks up with her after he finds out she cheated on him with Aldon. Meanwhile, she has to work under her father, who refuses to treat her as an adult. Therefore, by the time the Sardovia mission rolls around, Emma is full of frustration that she directs toward Boro.

Once the two infiltrate Boro’s bunker, they split up to cover more ground. However, after a tense altercation between Luke and Boro’s right-hand man, Cain, a bomb goes off inside the bunker, sending the place crumbling down. As such, Emma gets trapped inside a room with Boro. Since several fires have erupted inside the bunker, Dot orders Luke to escape from the site before the fire sets off Boro’s nukes. Nevertheless, Luke refuses to leave without Emma.

Meanwhile, Emma and Boro call a truce and work together to reach a vent in order to get out of the ticking time bomb of a bunker. Soon, Luke finds them and pulls Emma out of the underground vent opening with Boro’s help. However, when the time comes to pull out Boro, Luke decides not to help him. Luke knows Boro is full of vengeance, and if he’s allowed to live, Boro will come after Emma for revenge. Luke cares about Boro in some way, but his love for Emma is bigger. Therefore he leaves him behind as the nuke blows up the building to smithereens.

Boro is assumed dead by the CIA since no remains can be found at the site of the nuclear explosion. However, a few months later, at Tally’s wedding to Donnie, Boro’s men attack the church. Although Emma and Luke successfully fight them off, Boro comes out with a gun to Tally’s head. His face is half-disfigured due to the explosion, and he is newly filled with hatred for the Brunners.

Boro asks Luke and Emma to kill each other if they wish to save Tally’s life. They agree, but then Luke gives Tally a hint, and she stabs Boro in the leg with Luke’s medal. As such, Tally runs away from Boro’s hold, giving Luke and Emma an opening to shoot Boro. The Brunners empty out their guns at Boro and kill him for good.

Does Luke Retire?

Soon after the explosion in Sardovia, the CIA closes the Boro Polonia case. Director Dot briefs Emma and Luke about their mission, and Dot realizes that Emma has grown as an agent and has become less impulsive. As such, Dot assigns Emma a solo case without Luke as her senior operative. Even though Emma and Luke continued to bicker constantly throughout their partnership, sometimes even putting their missions at risk for the same, Emma has come to value her father’s influence on her.

Therefore, Emma tells Dot she’s open to working more cases with her father. However, Luke reveals that his retirement has been processed, and he’s officially retired. The series opens with Luke on his last assignment before retirement. He’s been serving the CIA for ages. As a result, he has missed out on crucial family moments and jeopardized his marriage with Tally. Throughout the series, Luke keeps trying to win Tally back. However, once he does, his job gets between them again, and he breaks things off with her.

As such, now that Luke has tied off the last loose end in his career, Boro, he wishes to retire and enjoy civilian life. Additionally, now that Romi’s leukemia has been treated, he also wishes to spend more time with her so that he doesn’t miss out on her childhood the way he did with Emma. Therefore, Luke decides to retire from the CIA.

Who Exposed Luke And Emma?

After Luke’s retirement, he learns about Tally’s proposal to her long-time boyfriend, Donnie. After Luke breaks up with Tally, it breaks her heart. Afterward, she drunkenly decides to close Luke’s chapter in her life completely. As such, she plans to get married to Donnie, whom she doesn’t truly love. However, on the day of her wedding, Boro crashes the ceremony before Tally can marry Donnie.

Since Luke and Emma are secret agents, their identities are a secret from anyone outside their departments. Due to the same, Boro only knows them by their aliases, Finn Hoss and Daniella DeRosa. However, he tracks down a man the two helped in Guyana and learns Emma’s first name through him. Additionally, Boro also notices Emma’s engagement ring and realizes she’s engaged.

Using this information, Boro looks for wedding announcements in the newspaper and finds out about Tally’s engagement with Donnie. As such, Luke and Emma’s covers are blown, and the criminal world discovers their true identities. Moreover, we also find out that NSA analyst Tina, who is now Barry’s girlfriend, has allies in Russia. Although the extent of her connection to the Russians is unknown, it seems menacing in nature.

At the end of the series, The Brunner family, including Donnie and Emma’s ex-fiance Carter escapes from the church with Aldon and Roo. Luke tells Tally about his CIA past before the wedding to convince her out of marrying Donnie, but now Tally and the rest of the family know about both Luke and Emma’s secret professions. Since their identity’s been leaked, no one related to them is safe. The ending sets up a thrilling opening for a second season with promises of even more complicated family dynamics and a potential betrayal from Tina.

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