What Happened to Boro’s Father in FUBAR?

Created by Nick Santora, ‘FUBAR’ is a Netflix action comedy series following two CIA Operatives, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s and Monica Barbaro’s Luke and Emma Brunner. After Luke discovers that his daughter Emma is secretly an undercover CIA Operative and vice versa, the two find themselves working together to take down Boro Polonia. Played by Gabriel Luna, Boro Polonia is a deadly capricious arms dealer known for supplying nukes to the world’s biggest and baddest.

Since ‘FUBAR’ focuses a lot on the relationship between a father and his kid, Boro’s character arc and storyline are also heavily influenced by the same. Luke Brunner, the male protagonist, has a longstanding relationship with Boro wherein he tries to fill in the father-sized hole in Boro’s life. Nevertheless, Luke’s efforts are in vain, and Boro is constantly driven by his love and grief for his actual father. As such, viewers might be curious to learn about the man. If so, here is everything you need to know about Boro’s father and his legacy. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Omar Polonia: The Legacy Behind Boro

Since ‘FUBAR’ picks up a good few years after Boro’s father’s death, he never makes an actual appearance in the show. Nevertheless, his influence is constantly felt in Boro’s actions and the motivations behind them. Through a few CIA debriefings and conversations between Boro and Luke, we get a pretty good idea about Boro’s Father, Omar Polonia.

Omar Polonia used to be the leader of Lape pa Lanmo, a paramilitary organization that illegally supplies firearms and weaponry to interested parties. Years before the events depicted in ‘FUBAR,’ Luke gets assigned a mission by the CIA wherein he infiltrates Omar’s organization undercover as Finn Hoss. By pretending to be a European mercenary, Luke grows close to Omar and gains his trust. Eventually, Luke finishes his assignment and kills Omar by pushing him off a cliff.

When Omar falls to his death, no one is around to witness the event. As such, a young Boro grows up thinking his father died in an accident. During Boro’s early years, Luke continues with his facade of Finn Hoss and helps Boro from afar. Luke enrolls Boro in top schools and universities to give him a better shot at life. Although Luke doesn’t regret killing Omar, he feels responsible for Boro’s life.

However, years later, Boro ends up using his expensive and incredibly competent education to follow right back in his father’s footsteps. Boro starts the Lape pa Lanmo again in a new and improved fashion. He secures a private community for his gang in Guyana and starts dealing nukes to terrorist organizations. Eventually, Boro invents a new brand of nuclear explosive. His new technology is a suitcase nuke that masks radioactive energy within through nuclear fissile material. As such, Boro’s weapon poses a significant threat since it’s easily operational and can travel undetected.

As the story progresses, Boro creates another version of this weapon in bulk and plans to hold an auction for it. Although the motives behind his destructive actions are greed for money, he also wishes to honor his father. Boro believes that by supplying a revolutionary weapon of mass destruction, such as his suitcase nuke, he will forever lock the Polonia name in history. Dozens of the world’s most wanted terrorist groups and crime syndicates will know and honor Boro’s father’s name.

Therefore, even years after Omar’s death, his presence continues to plague the world in the much fatal form of his son. Boro’s connection to his father acts as a cornerstone of his character that informs his sole motive throughout the series. After Boro discovers that Finn Hoss is a lie and that Luke killed his father, he becomes consumed with a need for revenge. In some way, after Omar’s death, Boro starts to think of Finn Hoss as his second father, who cared for him and looked after him.

As such, Boro constantly blames Omar and Finn/Luke for the way he turned out. Although he has no intentions to end his evil megalomaniacal ways, he never takes responsibility for them. As such, even though little is known about Omar’s life, his death drives the plotline of the series in crucial ways.

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