Do Erika and Jake C. End up Together in Boo, Bitch?

Although ‘Boo, Bitch’ is mainly a story about friendship, romance still plays an important part in it. Two months to their graduation day, best friends Erika Vu (Lana Condor) and Gia (Zoe Margaret Colletti) realize that they had let their high school years pass them by without truly experiencing them. They decide to rectify this by spending the remaining time partying. Gia is especially interested in attending the prom, but Erika seems reluctant. At the first party they go to, Erika interacts with her longtime crush Jake C. (Mason Versaw), who appears to be one of the few people at their school who knows Erika’s real name.

Just as everything seems to fall into place for Gia and Erika, a bizarre accident happens, and the latter is seemingly killed. However, as she is still in the mortal world, Erika deduces that she must complete her unfinished business, which she initially thinks involves kissing Jake C. If you are wondering whether Erika and Jake C. end up together in ‘Boo, Bitch,’ we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Do Erika and Jake C. End up Together?

Erika and Jake C. met four years ago, when they were getting photographed for the school ID. As mentioned above, Jake C. is one of the few people who knows that Erika’s real name isn’t Helen Who. Erika received that made-up name when she made an enemy out of Riley Bhatia (Aparna Brielle). Jake C. and Riley dated through high school. They broke up numerous times, only to get back together later. In the present time, they break up once more at the party Erika and Gia attend.

To Jake C., Erika is the polar opposite of Riley. They grow close at the party and nearly kiss. After the accident, Erika comes to believe that kissing Jake C. is her unfinished business. But she doesn’t cross over even after kissing him. Meanwhile, Erika grows popular at school and becomes part of Riley’s clique. She realizes that she isn’t ready to give it all up. Erika consults the occult club at the school and attempts to postpone her ascent by canceling the prom, which brings her internet popularity.

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Jake’s friends tell him that he is addicted to drama, claiming that Erika has brought more drama into his life than Riley. Although Jake initially dismisses the idea, he comes to realize that this is more or less accurate. Erika gradually turns into the type of person that she and Gia used to ridicule until a couple of weeks ago. Her actions even anger her loving parents. She also discovers that Gia is the one who is dead, not her. Enraged, Erika cuts all ties with her best friend.

Jake breaks up with Erika in episode 7 after acknowledging that he is addicted to drama and realizing that the new Erika is vastly different from the one he fell in love with. Erika loses all her real-world and social media popularity after the prom is reinstated.

In the final episode, Erika speaks about Gia at the prom, helping her best friend to cross over. Jake C. approaches her and tells her that it’s a pity he never got to know the real Erika. He then invites her to the after-party. Although Erika initially declines but later changes her mind after receiving a sign from Gia, who it seems will watch over her forever. At the after-party, Erika and Jake C. reconcile and kiss. Five months later, Erika receives a lamp as a gift in her freshman dorm. Although it is not explicitly shown, the lamp is probably from Jake C. If it is, then Jake C. and Erika can potentially be still together.

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