Is Gia Dead or Alive in Boo, Bitch? [Spoilers]

Image Credit: Erik Voake/Netflix

‘Boo, Bitch’ is a teen supernatural comedy series from Netflix. The story revolves around high schoolers Gia (Zoe Margaret Colletti) and Erika Vu (Lana Condor). They are only months away from graduating. Despite spending four years in the same high school, not many of their fellow students know them. Gia wants to change this and make some noise before their time at the high school ends for good. Erika is initially happy to remain anonymous, believing that no fame is better than infamy.

That changes when Erika recognizes that she has lived in fear of the bully of their class, Riley Bhatia, who is also the reason for Erika to be burdened with the made-up name. However, all of Gia and Erika’s plans take an unexpected turn when one of them dies in an accident but doesn’t cross over. It is left to the other person to help her friend complete their unfinished business. If you are wondering whether it’s Gia that died, we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Gia Dead or Alive?

While returning from what is evidently their first high-school party, Gia and Erika become part of a bizarre accident. A speeding truck hits a moose, which flies straight into one of them. The following morning Erika wakes up with her shoes and arrow necklace (Gia has an identical copy) missing. She and Gia go looking for the necklace in the woods and find it near the body of a girl squashed under the dead moose. The girl has Erika’s missing shoes on her feet. Initially, Erika believes that she is the one who is dead, especially after Gia tells her that she has looked under the moose.

After affirming that she is dead, Erika deduces that she must be a ghost who can’t cross over until she completes her unfinished business. She starts dating her crush, gains popularity, and becomes part of the clique led by Riley. Meanwhile, a rift forms between her and Gia.

Image Credit: Erik Voake/Netflix

The brewing conflict between Gia and Erika culminates in a brawl in episode 6. When Gia removes the body from under the moose, it is revealed that she is the one who is dead, not Erika. Gia lied to protect her best friend. Erika had finally opened herself to the experiences of high school. If she had learned that Gia died, she would have let her grief overwhelm her. However, while Gia had good intentions, she undoubtedly put Erika through a different kind of harrowing ordeal.

The two friends continue to be angry at each other until Erika realizes that she was the one who was mostly in the wrong. No one except her and a boy named Gavin can see Gia. Gavin apparently can see spirits when he is drunk. He is able to touch Gia because they form a special connection. Erika realizes that going to prom is Gia’s unfinished business. With Gavin’s help, she fulfills her friend’s wish, and Gia crosses over. But that doesn’t mean that she stops watching over her best friend. Five months later, while Erika is in college, she receives a lamp as a gift. As Erika is about to leave her dorm, the lamp switches on without being plugged in, indicating that Gia is still with her.

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