Do Luther and Sloane End up Together in The Umbrella Academy?

Netflix’s ‘The Umbrella Academy’ follows the story of seven siblings and their complicated relationships with each other. Connections between characters are the driving factor of the plot. In its third season, the show uses one such connection to steer things differently for the Academy. Luther, the head of the group, falls in love with Sloane, who is supposed to be one of his enemies. She belongs to the Sparrow Academy, which has replaced Luther’s siblings in the new timeline. Despite the differences between their families, Luther and Sloane develop an attraction for each other. This gives a very Romeo and Juliet feel to their romance, but also adds the threat of tragedy to it. How does it end for them? Do they get together? Here’s what you should know about the couple. SPOILERS AHEAD

Do Luther and Sloane End up Together?

It is love at first sight for Luther and Sloane because even before the actual fighting starts, we see them smile at each other. Sloane is different from other members of the Sparrow Academy because she is not as ruthless and cruel. While she follows the lead of other Sparrows, she is also kind and open to understanding others.

When Luther is abducted by the Sparrows, he and Sloane open up to each other, talking about their dreams and future. They discover that they both might want the same things. This connection quickly develops into love, catalyzed by the imminent end of the world. Their romance also allows space for the Umbrella and the Sparrow Academy to unite and fight the common enemy. While most of them are very stoic about their position in their respective groups, Sloane seems to care neither for her position nor her group. Unlike Ben, who claims he is a Sparrow even when the rest of the team is dead, Sloane doesn’t mind joining a new family.

When it becomes clear that the Kugelblitz is unstoppable, Luther and Sloane decide to make the best of their remaining time. They marry each other at Hotel Obsidian in a ceremony that turns out to be bittersweet for the rest of the group. When it comes to voting on whether or not to go forward with Reginald’s plan of saving the world, they vote against it. They have accepted their reality and don’t want to waste any time being apart.

However, their love story turns tragic when Luther is killed by Reginald, and Sloane is forced to leave him behind and enter the portal with others. While fighting the samurais, Luther is briefly brought back to life by Klaus, but only to give enough time for the newly married couple to say goodbye to each other. In the end, after Reginald uses Sloane and the others to start the machine and reset the timeline, the entire Umbrella Academy finds itself in a new world. However, Sloane is nowhere to be seen, which leaves the future of the couple uncertain.

In the end, we see Luther run off into the new world to find his wife, but he has no idea where to begin. This is not the same world as the previous timelines, and there is a possibility that the Sloane of this world is different from the one Luther married. If so, then their love story will have to start from scratch in the next season, if at all. But if Sloane made it safely out of the pocket dimension and landed somewhere far from the Umbrella Academy, then she is probably searching for Luther as well.

There is, however, a possibility that Sloane never made it out of the pocket dimension. If she is still stuck there, then Luther and his siblings will have to find a way to open the portal again. But if the dimension was destroyed along with the rest of the world, then Sloane might be dead, and her and Luther’s love story will have come to a very tragic end indeed.

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